Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Association between War Crime and Nori Films Essay

The Association between War Crime and Nori Films - Essay Example The relations between war and the noir phenomenon As pointed out, the world wars shattered the dreams of millions of human beings and led them towards the drastic effects of the same. Besides, national identity became under crisis and unity beyond borders became a myth. During this time, the Noir film genre began to portray the postwar problems. Basically, Noir film dealt with the problems faced by individuals in the postwar society. This is utmost important because the unity during wartime underwent rapid change and transformed into the visible moral problems in the postwar society. This socio-political background deeply influenced the close relation between war and Noir phenomenon. Within this scenario, the film directors related to Noir film genre began to provide ample importance to the anxieties of the mass. One can easily identify the fact that material wealth cannot reduce human anxiety, but close examination of the grass-root level reasons of the problem can. Most of the Noir films deal with the disillusionment in human life, especially related to wars. ... Paul Meehan makes clear that, â€Å"As the film begins, Teddy and fellow marshal Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) are riding the ferry out to Shutter Island, a barren rock 11 miles out to sea from Boston that houses a psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane† (274). In the film, the protagonist and the inmates face helplessness, which is an important problem portrayed in Noir film genre. One can easily identify that both these problems are closely related to the problems faced the people in a postwar society. So, the Noir film genre deals with the crises related war in a postwar society. Noir Films reflect emotional trauma faced by war hero As the Noir films are related to the crises faced by the human beings, emotional trauma is an important element that differentiates the same from other genres. On the other side, heroism related to war is an important element of war films. One can see that the Noir films that deal with the theme of war are symbolic of emotional trauma faced by the heroes. To be specific, the disillusionment faced by war heroes after wartime, especially unemployment and alienation, are inculcated in Noir films. From a different angle of view, wars force soldiers and other officers to face emotional trauma and eventually leads them to emotional problems. When a war hero returns to his locality, he is forced to face a different situation. Within this context, war is not a reality, but a past experience. Gradually, the war hero feels that his heroism is limited to the context of warfront, not to the mainstream society. Besides, he cannot expose his heroism in the society and detachment from the role of a reputed soldier/officer to a civilian leads to emotional problems. For instance, the protagonist

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