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Country Music from the 1940s Through the 1950s Essay -- essays researc

Country Music from the 1940s Through the 1950sChanges in the Recording Industry-In the 1930s thither were basically three types of radio stations the large networks, the network afilliates,and the idependent stations.-Agroup called the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) was in control of the song copyrights.-At the end of the National Broadcasters Companys contract, ASCAP wanted it renewed at the price of 9 million dollars.-NAB ofcourse said no way and developed their own network called Broadcasters Music Inc. (BMI)-Slowly people were sign with BMI, most big was Ralph Peers Southern Music Publishing.-When the disputes were finally settled in 1941, popular music had changed drastically.-On the tail of the broadcasting ban, the musicians union, American confederation of Musicians (AFM) went on strike.-In anticipation of the strike the large companies had been stockpiling records.-The American people were hungry for new music, so they accepted the independen t stations of the majors.-Over the span of the undermentioned few years the American public would embrace this music known as Western.Country Music in the World War II historic period-The American presence in World War II redefined many Americans commitment to their country.-By 1939, the Grand Ole Opry had become the most popular and important music show on the radio.-The four-and-a-half hour program was condensed into three hours.-Th...

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publicity :: essays research papers

What is Publicity? Well publicity is the Art of Attracting FREE public exposure making Ones self visible to the public eye now this may be a newspaper article mention in a magazine on radio or television interview or item its all in all free exposure no(prenominal) paid visibility that erect represent a compulsory or negative image to the general public.Now Im sure your saying to your self publicity sounds a lot like advertising, and youre wondering, whats the difference between Advertising and publicity? Well ladies and gentlemen advertising is the activity of attracting public attention to a growth or business or a band, as by PAID announcements in the form of print, broadcast, or electronic media such as the internet, what can Publicity do for you? To really hit the nail on the head I would say Publicity provides important visibility. An article in newspaper or a story on radio or television will attract public attention and stimulate public interest and create cognizance a nd build creditability for the cause youre promoting, then you and your organization can profit from this most important visibility Why attract publicity? One of the principal(prenominal) reasons P.R professionals seek publicity and not advertising the significant word here is Creditability, publicity is regarded as more credible then advertising to attract positive publicity requires establishing a good working relationship with the media. This is of course easier said then done, your job as public relations professional is to provide the media with none biases information about your organization whether it is electronic or print with and you do this by furnishing them with a press release. Its what editors and reporters receive and read each day to cod up there paper and decide what Stories to use. Never attempt to lie to the media always be truthful it is imperative to be honest and open all it takes is one lie one cover up and your creditability is destroyed and in order for y our creditability to be eradicated all that is needed is one nosey reporter essay to make a name for his or her self.Weather the mass media has lost relative influence to other proliferating alternative communications vehicles or not the item remains that securing positive publicity through the media lock up lies at the heart of public relations practice. Despite the growth of the internet and electronic media, print still stands as the number one medium among public relations professionals.

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Graduation Speech -- Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

Years ago there was a traveler who came upon an old-fashioned heart from which he would countenance to pump the handle in order to retrieve the water. Beside the pump there was a pitcher full of water, and on the pump there was a sign. The sign instruction manual were to prime the pump with the water in the pitcher, pump the water for use, and then refill the pitcher. The thirsty man looked at the pitcher, the pump and the sign. He thought to himself, If I pour this water down the pump, and it doesnt work, I allow for have no water to drink and it will be wasted. But, if I drink the water, I will be satisfied, but the next traveler will have nothing.We as graduates are like this traveler and we have decisions to make. We have the potential to be lend members of society -- we are the doctors, nurses, farmers, servicemen and pastors of tomorrow. We can use the water in the pitcher that is like the education and resources this country has given us, and we can prime the pump for othe rs, providing them with the opportunities that we have already been given. We can give back to society with our...

An Assessment of the Poetry of Robert Frost Essay -- Poetry Robert Lee

Nature is beautiful in every human face, but as nature changes with every season, beauty and innocence in gracious life is much the kindred as the social classs progress. Robert Lee hoarfrost uses nature in such a profound approach every aspect of nature can some carriage correlate with any characteristic of life. Whether it is the beauty in nature signifying the joy and happiness that every person experiences, or it be the traumatic losses and disappointments that may lead to ultimate failure or destruction, Robert Frost illustrates life, love and loss in the most natural and beautiful way feasible. His style is uniquely his own, and his themes be ones that many people can relate to on countless levels, which is what made Frost so universal during his lifetime, and has continued quaternion decades after his death. Robert Frost was born March 26 1874 in San Francisco where he spent the first eleven years of his life until his father died. It was then that he moved with his f amily to Lawrence, Massachusetts. While in high school in Lawrence, Frost fell in love with Elinor White, they became engaged and married in 1896 (the same year that their son Elliott was born). After withdrawing from Harvard in 1897, the Frosts moved to a farm in Methuen, Massachusetts, and began raising poultry. Three years later Elliott died, along with Frosts mother. Frost and his family then bought a farm in Derry, where they settled down, and Frost began writing. Robert and Elinor Frost had three more children before losing another infant in 1907. In 1912, Frost became irritated with his failure at success, and moved his family to England. This move proved to be successful when Frosts first book A Boys Will was published in 1913, followed by North of Boston in 1914 both books appeared in the United States as well by the time that the Frost family returned in 1915. In 1938 Frost lost his wife to illness. New Hampshire garnered Frost the first of his unmatched four Pulitzer Priz es for poetry, followed by Frosts Collected Poems in 1930, A Further Range in 1936, and A Witness Tree in 1942. Frosts crowning public moment was his recitation of The render Outright at John F. Kennedys inauguration in January of 1960. He died on January 29, 1963. Robert Frost lived a very long and often tragic life. He suffered anomalous guilt, and blamed himself for everything that went wrong. Robert Frost loved his f... ... to gain intuition. This wisdom should not be what the speaker feels in the last line, that innocence is great and loss of it is to be mourned. This wisdom is in the title of the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay. Here is Frost telling the speaker to understand that this is the natural way, and so thither is no point in fighting it or being sad about it. In fact, within every leaf is just a leaf...meaning without the gold there is no green, without dawn there is no day, without death there is no birth. It is just the way it is and so we better love it. Robert Fro sts poems are beautifully written, and offer such a deep insight into life, and nature. His work connects to readers on virtually every level of consciousness, and generates readers to understand that their feelings are not rare. Everyone experiences the same emotions, and must overcome many of the same situations in life but his poems almost bring the sense of possibility. Frost may have become popular at the dawn of the nineteenth century, his life may have ended almost half a century ago, but his poems are still as distinguished as they were before his death, and they will continue to be popular for many years to come.

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Essay --

What truly defines someone as a while? There be many answers to the question. Unfortunately, society has warped the true concept of manhood and replaced it with many stereotypes that every man is expected to follow. As a result, the idea of manhood is nothing more than a collection of stereotypes. This warped concept was no different during the Jacobean era. The manly hero in many pieces of literature mostly shared out the same traits, and was always revered for it. However, Shakespearean plays were an exception. This is especially true in the tragedy Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. The concept of Manhood is explored in Macbeth, but more importantly, its robustness is explored and questioned. In Macbeth, Shakespeare challenges the stereotypical concepts of manhood through the use characterization and contrast between the characters throughout the play.Lady Macbeth represents all the stereotypical qualities of manhood, such as barbarous determination, inclemency, and lack of e motions. Her interpretation of masculinity is made clear from the very first scene she appears in. When Lady Macbeth realizes that she must kill Duncan in her own home, she states, Come, you spirits/ That tip on mortal thoughts, unsex me here (I. iv. 43-44). Her request shows that she believes a woman is not capable of such cruel and evil acts, and that only a man is. Furthermore, she wants to be filled up from the crown to the toe, top-full/ Of direst cruelty with the access and passage to remorse, completely blocked off, implying that a man is without remorse and feelings, and full of cruelty (I. iv. 45-47). Lady Macbeth then imposes her idea of Manhood on Macbeth. When Macbeth decides not to kill Duncan, Lady Macbeth quickly challenges his manliness by c... ...ction to the murder of his family. Macduff represents what true manhood is, a man that has emotions and feelings. When Macduff receives news of the murder of his family, he immediately starts to cry and grieve. Malcolm te lls Macduff to Dispute it like man, telling Macduff to stop crying and to act like a man (IV. iii. 256). Macduff responds with, I shall do so/ But I must also feel it as a man (IV. iii. 257-259). Macduff responds that he will make love with it like man however, he will deal with it with emotions and feelings, as well as by taking action. Macduffs statement, in contrast to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, implies that it is okay for a man to have feelings and emotions, and that Manhood is more than just violence and action. Furthermore, unlike Macbeth, whose idea of masculinity causes serious character flaws, Macduffs idea actually helps him achieve his

Essay --

What truly defines someone as a mankind? There are many answers to the question. Unfortunately, society has warped the true concept of manhood and replaced it with many stereotypes that every man is expected to follow. As a result, the idea of manhood is zero point more than a collection of stereotypes. This warped concept was no different during the Jacobean era. The manly hero in many pieces of literature mostly share the same traits, and was always revered for it. However, Shakespearean plays were an exception. This is especially true in the tragedy Macbeth, by William Shakespeare. The concept of Manhood is explored in Macbeth, but more importantly, its hardship is explored and questioned. In Macbeth, Shakespeare challenges the stereotypical concepts of manhood through the use characterization and contrast between the characters throughout the play.Lady Macbeth represents all the stereotypical qualities of manhood, such as drab determination, severity, and lack of emotions. Her interpretation of masculinity is made clear from the very first scene she appears in. When Lady Macbeth realizes that she must kill Duncan in her own home, she states, Come, you spirits/ That scarper on mortal thoughts, unsex me here (I. iv. 43-44). Her request shows that she believes a woman is not capable of such cruel and evil acts, and that only a man is. Furthermore, she wants to be filled up from the crown to the toe, top-full/ Of direst cruelty with the access and passage to remorse, completely blocked off, implying that a man is without remorse and feelings, and full of cruelty (I. iv. 45-47). Lady Macbeth then imposes her idea of Manhood on Macbeth. When Macbeth decides not to kill Duncan, Lady Macbeth quickly challenges his manliness by c... ...ction to the murder of his family. Macduff represents what true manhood is, a man that has emotions and feelings. When Macduff receives news of the murder of his family, he immediately starts to cry and grieve. Malcolm tells Macduff to Dispute it like man, telling Macduff to stop crying and to act like a man (IV. iii. 256). Macduff responds with, I shall do so/ But I must also feel it as a man (IV. iii. 257-259). Macduff responds that he will do with it like man however, he will deal with it with emotions and feelings, as well as by taking action. Macduffs statement, in contrast to Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, implies that it is okay for a man to have feelings and emotions, and that Manhood is more than just violence and action. Furthermore, unlike Macbeth, whose idea of masculinity causes serious character flaws, Macduffs idea actually helps him achieve his

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Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being Essay

In Milan Kunderas novel, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, the author uses plenty of literary elements to tie in concert his points in an effort to help contributors understand the basic premise behind the work. Though there argon plenty of literary themes that can be strand throughout the work, the most important cardinals are the themes that Kundera uses, as well as the characters in the novel. By creatively using these things in his work, Kundera helps explain what might view otherwise been a fairly complex ideal. In addition, the author is able to tie these things together to create a measure of clarity for readers as they come through the work. Theme is used in the novel to get across the basic ideas that the author is set on impressing into the reader. Since the novel relies mostly on uncertain ideas to get across hard to find points, the utilization of different themes are critically important to the development of the story. As one might expect from the patronage of t he work, Kundera uses lightness and the idea of weight as one of the primary themes throughout the book.Even in the title, one can see the dichotomy that exists. Lightness in itself is not something that should be too heavy to bear. Yet, the author is able to masterfully intertwine these two ideas to convey the point of his story. Through the entire work, the characters of the book are searching hard within themselves to find a solution to the primary question presented in the title. Their search for the important things in biography is done in order to both find meaning and relieve themselves of some of the heaviness that their being light creates. Another important theme that the author uses is politics. Though the characters put out on with their lives throughout the work, they are constantly cogitateed to both each other and to their collective pasts by their underlying political beliefs. A good practice of this can be found on page 123 of the novel, when Sabina receives wor d that the political situation in Prague has cost Tomas and Tereza their lives.The book reads, She could not get over the news. The link to her past had been broken (123). English expert Jay Braiman describes a literary theme as, The main idea or message conveyed by the piece (Braiman). It is clear in the story that the author uses both politics and the idea of weight as the main idea in the work. The desire to escape from the weight of life was something that hatch each of the characters, while politics served as a main idea in trying all of the characters together. Characters were the second literary element used by the author to create the work. Not only do the characters power the action, but they shed a little bit of light into the what the other characters were thinking. Simply having characters is not enough to establish something as an important literary element. As the author clearly understood, the characters must be used in the most efficient, useless musical mode possi ble in order to help push the idea of the story forward. The characters in this novel are not just there for an arbitrary reason. Instead, they turn an active role in the story in establishing the primary aspects of plot development.A Eugene Knight book review of the work talks to the importance of the characters by saying, The very fact that they stay together and seem to find some degree of happiness illustrates that an acceptance of a relationship that falls well absolutely of satisfying and fulfilling hopes, is possible (Knight). One can easily see that the author used the literary element of characters to tie in the many themes that he utilise and help the reader understand the underlying conflict in Czechoslovakia at the time. Overall, the book is a commentary on the reasons why wad need people so much. This is a complex idea to establish, especially when one considers the fact that it is set against such a tough background. Kundera established his excellent work on the ba sis that his characters would do the talking for him. Instead of having to explain things to readers to get them to buy in to the main point of the book, he had characters live out their real life experiences to get across the points.Even more importantly than that, he was able to bring the characters closer to the themes that were so important to the author in this book. No one literary theme overtook the book or overpowered it. They all worked together in a sanctimonious harmony that not only told a story, but helped the reader interpret the story. The idea that a person who is too light could not bear that weight is a ridiculous one at first, but as the reader further understands the things that the characters are going through, they can begin to see how such a dichotomy can become quite a conundrum. plant life CitedBraiman, Jay. Literary Devices. 2007. http//, Eugene. The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Review. http// iews/unbearable_lightness_kundera.htmlKundera, Milan. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. 4 May 2004. HarperCollins Publishing.Raudino, Guiseppe. Socialism and Arts. August 2007.

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HR Management Roles

The Human Resources Department an important system to any organization and is a key component in the healthcare diligence. It is the HR surgical incision that is built on readinesss, performance, and knowledge of the organization and is responsible for hiring and training the new employees healthcare services. Human resources, when pertaining to health care, can be defined as the different kinds of clinical and non-clinical staff responsible for public and individual health intervention (WHO, 2000).The roles and functions of the Human Resources Department (HR) management in the health care industry is to work closely with all staff to ensure each employee recognizes the needs and standards of the organization. Management is about planning, performance and team work. Planning is a vital in any organization and in healthcare it is pertinent for right-hand(a) flow and function of the organization. High- performance organization show a greater commitment and skill increasement (Gome z-Mejia, 2010).This is the prime element in HR management roles the organization has opening positions, new programs for employees and creating a plan is essential for success. As a deputy of management HR a plan to promote employees who show exceptional ability to lead. Management must look at these employees who show skill and strain on how to move them into positions that need their talent. Hiring new personnel for an organization includes providing extensive training for employee development. A program from management would include building proficiency requirements, develop mental skills of potential new employees.The functional roles of the HR department is to get out assistance to all managers who execute responsibilities of the health care organization. The department monitors daily functions of the healthcare organization to ensure the organization is running smoothly. It is their duty to oversee the organization success in practice. The HR department responsibility is t o confirm that each employee has the proper skills and training required for the position. This guarantees that the organization is operated effectively day-to-day. The methods used in the HR department creates a team effort atmosphere for the organization.This set clear goals, standards and success in a healthcare organization this gives each employee something to accomplish. The HR departments role in the healthcare industry is very important, and the functions of the departments plans, skills, and programs help achieve the organizations goal success in the healthcare industry. Management is the center of the organizations achievements. Proper management in HR is crucial in delivering character reference health care. Management in HR is needed to develop new programs and policies. Effective management keeps the healthcare industry in a position to provide quality care to patients.

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Sample Statement of Purpose

I introduce myself as a student of the undergraduate program in Computer Science and technology at CVR College of Engineering affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (Hyderabad). I use this opportunity to elucidate my career objectives and give in quintessence of my educational background. My Educational Background and pedantic strikements Since my shoal days, I have been have-to doe withed in Mathematics and physical sciences. My scholastic record has been meritorious accountability through school and higher secondary education.With my lean towards Mathematics and physics, I chose Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry as my group for post-secondary education. I was placed in the top 3% of nearly 200,000 enthusiastic students in the entrance examination for Engineering. This surgical procedure helped me in getting admission in to CVR College of Engineering, one of the top institutions for engineering in Andhra Pradesh, India. My fascination for engineering was from a n early stage though not a conscious one. There have been doers because there have been dreamers, in our dreams we see not what is, but what can be.It is with such dreams and visions that today we stand at the milestone of success. The sweeping changes in the Technological world and Computers have made the role of information processing system science engineer a really indispens suitable one. It has been my deepest desire to be a part of this rapidly burgeoning community. My strong penchant towards programming languages like C which was taught in our high school and also the versatility of the Computers and my basic interest in the field of programming motivated me to take Computer Science and Engineering as my major in undergraduate program.My years as an undergraduate student have influenced me the just about. Academically I have matured a lot during this period. It was here that I understood the need to put theory into practice and most importantly to innovate in face of immen se hurdles. During the course of study, my encounters with Software engineering, Software testing methodologies and Software Project Management have been extremely enlightening. The rapture of learning these subjects under excellent professors is unsurpassable.My inclination towards graduate studies gained foot during my second year of under graduation, during which many of the people told me about the opportunities we have by doing get the hang and the research programs offered by the universities. Why to Pursue M. S.? Excellence in any sphere of life can be achieved through determination, hard work, perseverance and dedication. Yet, escape of in-depth distinguishledge of the subject leaves the conceptual skills incomplete. The nature of undergraduate courses does not offer scope for individual expression and rapidly advancing technology necessitates mastery of particular(a) area.It is in this contest I would like to pursue a course that not only supplements the knowledge that I possess but also provides a strong foundation to my research oriented study. In my graduate program my goal is to expand my mental horizons, detailed understanding of latest tools and technologies adopted by engineering, with the time. I also want to learn technical, managerial as well as behavioral aspects of the field to work in higher positions. I strongly feel that masters program will inculcate a strong quality assurance and testing component in my knowledge, so as to raise the level of excellence in my work.I came to know that an academic experience is must-to-have component for growth in global field of bundle engineering, as well as to make a mark in professional career. From use of sophisticated tools to advanced theories, MS teaches me all that I need to know to enhance my academic experience and qualification. Why Software Engineering? In my undergraduate studies, I have benefited from the breadth of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Universitys syllabi content that has disposed me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Computer Science and a strong conceptual understanding of the same.In these three and half years of study, I have strived to maintain an approach of expending independent effort in all my endeavors. Learning by myself and sharing my knowledge with others has been most worthwhile, when comprehending a concept. My interest in Software Engineering arouse when I was in my second year of under graduation. I believe that Software Engineering is the application of disciplined, magisterial approach to the operation, development and maintenance of software.The discipline of software engineering that increased my interest towards this field is it covers tools, knowledge and methods to define software requirements and to perform computer programming, software design, user interface design, software maintenance tasks and software testing . As Software engineering encompasses the knowledge from different fields like computer engineerin g, computer science, mathematics, testing methodologies, quality management, project management etc I came to a conclusion that career in software engineering can be very recognise as there is demand for software engineers across the industries. Why your University?The selection of the right university by the candidate is as important as the selection of the right candidate by the university. Having to choose a university that is suitable to my ambition is a major decision, one which cant be taken in haste. To achieve my objectives, I feel that the choice of University is of critical importance. Information from faculty here at the college, my seniors and perusal of the University web-site, I have inferred that your University provides excellent research activities and balanced academic program which is conducive to my study. I feel that I can realize my aspirations that I have nurtured along.As a part of your family of students, I have to strike the best of what you offer, extend the breadth of knowledge. In conclusion, I hope that I will be given chance to realize my objectives by granting admission in your esteemed and distinguished University. I am confident that with my academic standards and strong motivation, zeal, positive attitude and with the aid of your graduate program, I will be able to make a significant contribution to the research endeavors at the University. I take this opportunity to request for suitable financial assistance from the department and college.

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The Core of Religion, Art, and Faith

The Core of Religion, Art, and Faith When reading both the texts of Georges Bataille and Soren Kierkegaard, the reader is taken on an exploration of benignantity. Although approached assortedly, this humanity is shown to be intimately intertwined with religion by both authors. Bataille studiously delves into the mind of the prehistoric man through his core out art in an attempt to understand and bound what it means to be human. The art of this prehistoric man is the art of a consciousness at war with what it is and what it willing become.It depicts a duality of identities. On mavin side the animalistic identity at one with nature and on the other side a creative rational identity that uses nature. This dual-meaning shown in the cave paintings lifts them to more than mere art. It is the visual number one step in the transition from the simple to the complex. The cave art served as more than a creative departure for our human ancestors. It held more of a ritualistic importance. They respected and loved the animals they hunted but also degradingly used them as an instrument for personal survival.Bataille points out that it was in the ritual act of drawing the animal that the hunter created a spiritual connection. Everything points to the fact that the carvings or the paintings did not have meaning as permanent figures of a sanctuary in which rituals were celebrated. It seems that the execution of the paintingsor the carvingwas itself part of these rituals. . . The nascentdeveloping image ensured the approach of the beast and the communication of the hunter with the hunted. (75)The animals on the cave walls possessed a divine strength in the eyes of prehistoric man and as a result the hunt, and the drawing of the hunt, were a religious experience. Perhaps even the first religious experiences. As a product of the previously mentioned duality present in prehistoric man, the hunter used art as a physical representation of their remorse towards their desired prey. for the men of unprocessed times. . . the act of killing could also be shameful. Many primitive men ask for forgiveness forward for the evil that they are about to do to the animal they are pursuing. . For primitive human beings, the animal is not a thing. And this characterizes very broadly all of primitive humanity, for whom ordinary animality is rather divine. (Bataille 54-55) To Bataille, the world of understanding is to religion as the clarity of day is to the horror of the night. (122) Religion is an experience undefinable through select words. This horror of the night is all that is not still it is the undefinable, the intangible, the experience that lacks rationality and is based instead on feeling.It is how we explain and give meaning it is the answer to the incontestable questions that man has. Religion and art are intertwined in that they are both chaotic tools used by man to gain order over the chaotic horrors of the night. Kierkegaard, on the other hand , arrives at religion through the avenues of assurance. To Kierkegaard, the man Abraham in the Bible is the perfect model of religious faith, the very first case in history of a man of pure faith, or as he calls it, a knight of faith.Faith is similar to Batailles idea of art and religion in that it can not be clearly defined through words. Faith is an experience it is the idea that a single individual can have a one-on-one relationship with God that transcends the ethical. Abraham was faced with the dilemma of sacrificing his only son Isaac. Ethically and morally this would be labeled as murder, but through faith it is an absolute duty. This absolute duty is not something that can be shared, it is a private struggle, it is a solitary path to follows Gods command without remorse or doubt..It is only moments before the murder and sacrifice of Isaac that God stops Abraham and directs him to a ram instead. Through faith, ethics and morality become an entirely different thing. He who l oves God without faith reflects upon himself he who loves God in faith reflects upon God. (Kierkegaard 37) Gods will is the only correct way what he asks is what will be done even if it goes against what society says is right. The man of the world, or ethical man, follows a different code of conduct. He is moral through and through and has a universal duty to others.He follows the laws and commandments of God for the good of everybody around him. His actions are dictated by cultural norms and given meaning by religious institutions. He is understood and buoyed by his peers. This is precisely the opposite of the knight of faith. Abraham has to do what is ethically wrong to do what is absolutely right in the eyes of God. Both art and faith are passionate pathways connecting with the divine. They give humanity a structure in that they give meaning to our emotions and guidance to our actions. Faith is a marvel, and yet no human being is excluded from it for that which unites all human life is passion, and faith is passion. (Kierkegaard 67) Faith was Abrahams way of expressing the inexpressible duty he felt toward God, just as art was the structure of prehistoric man inexpressible connection with the animal. Work Cited Bataille, Georges. The Cradle of Humanity, Prehistoric Art, and Culture. Brooklyn, New York Zone Books, 2005. Kierkegaard, Soren. Fear and Trembling/Repetition. Princeton, New Jersey Princeton University Press, 1983.

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Brazil’s Communication Essay

Every country has unique, distinctive ways in which they bear on and communicate with each other within their country. A countrys means of confabulation can be communicativeized through verbal, non-verbal, and interpersonal communication channels. In the country of Brazil most people are not Hispanic but Latino, although many immigrant communities are from Europe, Africa, and Japan. The official language spoken in Brazil is Portuguese however, Spanish, English, and French are other languages that are also spoken in Brazil.When greeting they expect a firm handshake with robust eye contact. When doing business in Brazil dont be taken aback if they stand very close to you when speaking. Moving away may be interpreted as rejection. Brazil also uses many forms of non verbal communication. Much of this body language is comprised of culturally derived behaviors. When speaking to genius another, it is not commonplace to take turns speaking. People will interrupt a conversation and wil l often speak at the same time as their peers.Another verbal communication pattern that Brazil practices is using first names when addressing a person. Also, ones tone of voice is often high pitched when conversing with one another. Although daily conversation is conducted in a louder voice, it is not meant to express anger or hostility to anybody. In addition, verbal communication in Brazil is viewed as being theatrical and overly animated by other countries who are more reserved. In Brazil, physical appearance and surroundings are important and grant visual cues as to ones status and tone of conversations.In many Latin countries, communication tends to be predominately oral rather than through pen word. However, from the business aspect, when sending something in written format it is usually a good idea to follow up with a phone call or a visit in person. Over the last two decades, the telecom industry world over has grown and evolved at an incredible pace and has importantly ch anged the way people interact. Brazil Telecom offers long distance telecommunications services hrough some 8,034 million lines and 281,800 public telephones to customers in Brazil. Oi Telecom, formerly known as Telemar is the largest telecommunications troupe in Brazil, it was established in 2008 and has become the biggest company in Brazil on the Telecommunications sector. This company is present in 4600 cities in Brazil and it has influenced the price terminate in the national level of the same services offered by competitors due to strength of its operations in the country.

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BIS2311 Object Oriented Analysis and design PORTFOLIO of Individual execution of instrument M00377969 Shanaz Fatima Middlesex University, Dubai circumscribe Contents2 Contents in WEB Preview3 Assignments4 week 1 user Requirements 14 label (out of 10) =4 workweek 2 User Requirements 24 mark (out of 10) =4 calendar week 3 Use Cases 14 Marks (out of 10) =4 workweek 4 Use Cases 24 Marks (out of 10) =4 workweek 5 Use Cases 34 Marks (out of 10) =4 Week 6 Class Diagrams 15 Marks (out of 10) =5 Week 7 Class Diagrams 25 Marks (out of 10) =5 Week 8 Consolidation5 Marks (out of 10) =5 Week 95 Marks (out of 10) =5 Week 105Marks (out of 10) =5 Week 116 Marks (out of 10) =6 Week 126 Marks (out of 10) =6 Week 13 Consolidation6 Marks (out of 10) =6 Week 14 Sequence Diagrams6 Marks (out of 10) =6 Week 15 Consolidation6 Marks (out of 10) =6 Week 16 Consolidation7 Marks (out of 10) =7 Week 17 Resubmission7 Marks (out of 10) =7 Week 18 Resubmission7 Marks (out of 10) =7 Week 19 Resubmission7 Marks (out of 10) =7 Week 20 Resubmission7 Marks (out of 10) =7 Own/Additional Work and Examples8 Contents in WEB Preview Contents Contents in WEB Preview Assignments Week 1 User Requirements 1 Marks (out of 10) =Week 2 User Requirements 2 Marks (out of 10) = Week 3 Use Cases 1 Marks (out of 10) = Week 4 Use Cases 2 Marks (out of 10) = Week 5 Use Cases 3 Marks (out of 10) = Week 6 Class Diagrams 1 Marks (out of 10) = Week 7 Class Diagrams 2 Marks (out of 10) = Week 8 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) = Week 9 Marks (out of 10) = Week 10 Marks (out of 10) = Week 11 Marks (out of 10) = Week 12 Marks (out of 10) = Week 13 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) = Week 14 Sequence Diagrams Marks (out of 10) = Week 15 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) = Week 16 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) =Week 17 Resubmission Marks (out of 10) = Week 18 Resubmission Marks (out of 10) = Week 19 Resubmission Marks (out of 10) = Week 20 Resubmission Marks (out of 10) = Own/Additional Work and Examples Assignments Week 1 User Requirements 1 Case Study VFS Global helps governments and embassies process travellers visa applications securely and efficiently. The authorities outsource the administrative tasks involved to VFS Global. Its support work allows the relevant authorities to strike decisions about issuing visas more quickly and process applications more cost effectively.VFS Global manages visa application centres for the UK Border Agency in UAE, where you should submit your perfect visa application form, supporting documents and biometric data. You can also email or phone (call rates apply) the VFS Global call centre if you have a ordinary enquiry about UK visas or the visa application process. Visa applications may be submitted at all of the ten application centers across India and Nepal. All applications be assessed at The Canada High Commission, New Delhi or the Consulate General in Chandigarh. An interview, if unavoidable, can be hands down sch eduled at the application centre. All randomness required to apply for a temporary resident visa for Canada is available on this site. Please choose the information carefully to expedite the processing of your application. If you have already applied for a visa, you can Track Your Application using our visa Application Tracker service. Biometrics will be collected using a quick, apprehensive and non-intrusive process that captures a 10-digit fingerprint scan with a digital finger scanner. You should ensure that their fingertips are free from any forms of decoration (henna, for example), abrasions or other markings, and that any facial cuts and bruises have healed or disappeared prior to providing their biometric data as these may affect their ability to provide acceptable finger-scans and photographs. Applicant who are physically unable to provide a fingerprint scan, will have to provide a medical certificate to support their claim Visa applications may be submitted at a ny of the ten application centers acrossIndia and Nepal. All applications are assessed at The Canada High Commission, New Delhi or the Consulate General in Chandigarh. An interview, if required, can be conveniently scheduled at the application centre. All information required to apply for a temporary resident visa for Canada is available on this site. Please read the information carefully to expedite the processing of your application. If you have already applied for a visa, you can Track Your Application using our visa Application Tracker service. User Requirements Suha Record the applicants details Forward applicants details to UK Embassy Sana Track applications Manage appointments Shanaz Record Biometrics data Schedule appointment Assumptions For point 2 the saved data by the back office is forwarded to the UK embassy For point 4 the appointments are managed by the STAFF i. e confirming the appointment of the respective applicant For point 6 the a ppointments are in regards to the applicants prior to the interview. Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Asked to elaborate on the user requirements Week 2 User Requirements 2 BIS2311 Object Oriented Analysis and Design Assignment 2 Distinguish BetweenMethod A means or manner of procedure, especially a regular and systematic way of accomplishing something Methodology A methodologyis usually a guideline system for solving a problem, with specific components such as phases, tasks, methods, techniques and tools Life Cycles is a process of creating or altering information systems, and the models andmethodologiesthat people use to develop these systems Software development process A software development process or life cycle is a complex body part imposed on the development of a software product. There are several models for such processes, each describing approaches to a variety of tasks or activities that take stance during the process. Methodology & modeling language A modeling lan guage is any artificial language that can be used to express information or knowledge or systems in a structure that is defined by a consistent set of rules.The rules are used for interpretation of the meaning of components in the structure Requirements Sana 1. Generate membership report 2. Process payment Shanaz 3. Generate letters 4. Archive back up Suha 5. Scan membership card to trace member 6. Archiving expired membership record. Assumptions For point 1 the membership report is an output For point 2 is the payment is only cash or buzzword statement For point 3 the letter are only emails Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Was asked to write assumptions Week 3 Use Cases 1 Use case ecological succession of actions carried out by the system to achieve some purpose that is meaningful for an external user or system.Actor someone who directly uses the system. Use case plot diagram showing use case & actors and the associations between them. Functional requirements requirements me t by the system- with the scope of the system Non functional requirements Context A set of scenarios in which a set of objects are involved. Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 4 Use Cases 2 Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 5 Use Cases 3 Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 6 Class Diagrams 1 Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 7 Class Diagrams 2 Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 8 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 9 Marks (out of 10) =Feedback Notes Week 10 Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 11 Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 12 Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 13 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 14 Sequence Diagrams Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 15 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 16 Consolidation Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 17 Resubmission Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 18 Resubmission Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 19 Resubm ission Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Week 20 Resubmission Marks (out of 10) = Feedback Notes Own/Additional Work and Examples

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History Genocide Alert in Sudan Essay

Recently, newspapers and journals discussed the plight of the millions of hatful of Sudan as there has been the establishment sponsored genocide. This victimization of a few people has been discussed in the press as well as in the various websites. These various forums have condemned the atrocities pull against the poverty-stricken people. Hence, at different levels one stern find the call for alert regarding the indiscriminate killing of commodious number of the people in Sudan.The Sudanese government has indirectly and sometimes directly sponsored the atrocities affiliated against the civilians. The government has encouraged the local militias to loot, murder and rape the innocent people in the southern region of Sudan. They have attacked the churches, buildings providing relief to the victims, and the market places. Ethnic and tribal warfare in the southern Sudan has been encouraged in order the keep the south divided. The government has destroyed the food supplies which ha ve led to the death of large number of people imputable to starvation.People are persecuted based on their race, culturality, and religion. The main reason for this atrocity is that these people have opposed the imposition of ut roughly(prenominal) form of Islamic law. The government has been persecuting non Islamic and non Arabic people in an test to destroy those people who were politically opposed to the plans of the government. An important reason for this persecution is the test to control the cover fields which have been owned by the victims of the genocide atrocities.In fact, after the government signed agreements with the foreign oil companies, the atrocities against the civilians have increased. The government has used all the armaments and military vehicles to destroy the villages and areas inhabited by those people who opposed the government policies. Consequently, many civilians have been forced to leave their land as their villages, lands, churches, and schools hav e been destroyed due to the bombings. This government attempt to clear these lands has been termed as scorched earth strategy. (Survivors Rights International, 2001)However, the new settlements of displaced Sudanese have been earmarked for the future oil exploration which would imply that in the future the government may attack the people in this region. With the help of this genocide, the government has been able to multiply its oil revenues. However, a major part of this revenue has been spent on military machinery. Unfortunately, the government of Sudan believes that it can win the war with the help of oil money. This has led to killing of more(prenominal) than 2 million people. In addition to this, 4 million people have suffered internal displacement.Another 3 million people are liner starvation. In such a situation, international community including USA should pressurize the Sudanese government to stop its atrocities. (Survivors Rights International, 2001) The victims have ar gued that the government of Sudan has targeted the blacks as there is attempt to destroy the all the black population. This shows the racial and ethnic discrimination of the government activitys. In the region of Darfur, even now thousands of people are dying due to the military attack and food shortage.This genocide has been noted by the US government agencies, international humans rights bodies, and the United Nations. The displaced people are afraid of returning(a) to their homeland because they are afraid of persecution. The Sudanese government has mainly attacked the Africans belonging to Fur, Zaghawa, and the Masaalit ethnic groups. The government sponsored militia is also termed as the Janjaweed who belong to the Arab tribes. Due to the ethnic wars, the civilians are suffering. This crisis has continued to bother the international human rights activists. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2005) Many international government and non-government organizations have estab lished their fellowships to fight against the atrocities pull against the particular ethnic and racial component in Sudan. For instance, one can notice the establishment of Genocide Intervention Fund (GIF) which is a non government association of the civilians. GIF has supported the UN supported African Union Mission in Darfur. The main aim of this association is to support the peace safekeeping forces to protect the life of the innocent civilians in Darfur.In fact, African Union needs greater funding in order to manage the financial requirements to send the troops, supply food, and equipments to the peace keeping soldiers fighting for the lives of the people in Sudan. GIF has started the campaign to protect the lives of the Sudanese from the government attack. In fact, it aims to send 100000 letters to the government officials urging them to take action at law against the Sudanese government. This organization has requested the support of the government officials and civilians t o raise $100000 to fight against the atrocities of the Sudanese government.The UNO has commissioned few committees to submit report regarding the nature of atrocities committed by the Sudanese government. In January 2005 International Commission of Inquiry on Darfur report was published. This report gave information regarding the recent developments in Darfur. This report can be used by the international agencies to take action against the government of Sudan. However, there is difference of opinion among the permanent members of the Security Council. The US government wants to create an ad hoc tribunal for Darfur. However this can delay action for many months.Further, Russia and China, which have strategic trade ties with Sudan, also halted the decisive action against the Sudanese government. However, the US elder officials have accepted that genocide is being committed in Sudan. In spite of this realization, international organizations are reluctant to take action against the gove rnment of Sudan. (Preventgenocide. org, 2005) In spite of the statistics available regarding the genocide in Sudan, media did not give much importance to these events. However, the film maker Jen Marlowe decided to present the human face of the mishap in Sudan.This film is given the title Darfur Diaries Message from Home. Marlowe visited Darfur and the refugee camps in the neighboring region of Chad. Marlowe obtained information by interviewing the victims of the government sponsored genocide. The filmmaker has discussed with the children regarding their sufferings. Marlowe considers that children are the most vulnerable groups in the society. Further, it is necessary to provide protection to the lives of large number of civilians who face the threat of losing their lives and properties due to the government policy.The attempt of Marlowe has succeeded in providing a human face of the genocide in Darfur. This has also showed the failure of the journalists to cover this topic as very few journalists have covered the story narrated by the refuges in Chad. (Ellis, 2005) Recently, attempts have been made to redress the grievances of the victims. However, most of these attempts have failed due to the increase in the intensity of the conflicts and the international organizations have failed provide aid to the victims. Ellis, 2005) I learnt from the above research that greatest importance should be given to protect the lives of millions of people in Darfur. To achieve this objective, the members of the international organizations such as UNO should take immediate action against the Sudanese government. Secondly, the associations should increase the funding to help the peacekeeping forces to provide aid to the victims of genocide in Darfur. The media also should give more coverage to the developments in Darfur.

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Family and Father Figure

Darian Peavy Professor Meehan Writing ci 6 April 2013 unparented I remember always thinking to myself as a kid Was it my severance that my produce wasnt around? Was it my fault my family is struggling? My fault we cant afford nicer social functions? eon I would see the other kids getting picked up by their parents after school while Im waiting on the school bus to take me home. At times it hurt, especially when I had to teach myself everything a father figure should have.Life without a father or in a integrity parent household has a burden on clawren, but its manything that umteen children face in the States today. Its sometimes the reason why kids grow up and stray the wrong precaution in life and then they grow up putting their children done the same thing they went through. world fatherless is actually something that a serve up of children suffer with in America, and its a vicious make pass that continues to run rampant through communities, both bad and good. onene ss-third of American children are ontogenesis up, without their biological father, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. In the past 50 years, the percentage of children who live with two married parents has dropped 22 evidences. During that same time, the number of babies born to unwed mothers jumped from 5 percent to 40 percent (Stuart). It happens in m whatsoever different ways, which include one night stands, divorce, separation due to imprisonment or death, and etc. One situation that sticks out to me because it actually happened to me is the father walking out on his family, either after the child is born or before.When this happens the father usually has no idea the impact on the decision he has made. Most times its out of fear, he thinks hes too girlish to have a child or family. Other cases include the father leaving because doesnt want anything to do with the child. So he leaves with the thought that the child would be better off without him, when in fact hes making thin gs worse. When this happens it causes children to blame themselves for whats happened to them, to blame themselves for whats happening to their family. They grow p questioning everything they see, without receiving any answers. They end up having bitter feelings or being jealous of other kids, and they struggle mentally and physically. The emergence trend of father absence could have grave implications for society, researchers say, because having dad around has been linked to important developments in a childs physical, emotional and behavioral health (Stuart). In doing this they end up making a lot of the wrong decisions, end up struggling in school, and may end up committing crimes or move out of school.Another thing it causes is MORE children to grow up without fathers in America. This happens because children without fathers tend to experiment sexually originally than other children, so they end up doing the same thing their father initially did to them. There has been a lot of research done on single parent households in collaboration to them growing up without fathers, some of the facts that were found are Young men who grow up in homes without fathers are doubly as managely to end up in jail as those who recognize from traditional two-parent families. 3% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. Boys who grow up in father-absent homes are more likely that those in father-present homes to have trouble establishing appropriate sex roles and gender identity. The likelihood that a young male will engage in criminal activity doubles if he is raised without a father and triples if he lives in a neighborhood with a high concentration of single-parent families.Lastly, in a longitudinal study of 1,197 fourth-grade students, researchers observed greater levels of aggression in boys from mother- just now households than from boys in mother-father households (Parker). Its very no-count that all of that can be caused simply because a father is not around. Sometimes children dont become a statistic and actually close the cycle theyve been put in, but others arent so lucky. A child can grow-up sightly with his or her mother, but there are things that a mother just cant do.She cant duty tour her child for blaming himself or herself, and she cant stop the mental and physical burden that her child has to endure. Yes, as a mother she can handle everything on her own, but in the end the child equable wonders. I had a wonderful mother growing up, and I appreciated everything she did for me. As her son there were things I just couldnt ask her or talk to her rough I couldnt ask her about woman, how to talk to a girl, how to get a girl to like me, or fifty-fifty about sex. So I had to experience things on my own, I had to learn the hard way in most cases.I fell right into the statistics that haunt f atherless children, I did horrible in school, I ended up smoking marijuana, indulged in sexual activities at a young age, and ended up not graduating with my class in high school. Luckily I know what road I was taking before it was too late, and sometimes all that takes is someone to step up, come into your life and be that father figure. For me, it was my Marine Corps Recruiter, I finally had someone to talk to me about the things I should have already known if I had a father in my life and if it wasnt for him who knows where I would be right now.Not every child is lucky enough to have experienced what I did, some of the friends I had growing up ended up with kids at an early age, ended up in prison, or are just completely unhappy with their life. Theres one thing I promised myself when I was younger because of my experiences, and thats is No matter the situation or current point I am in, in my life, I will never have my seed go through what I went through growing up. I havent had any children yet for that reason Im waiting until I know for a fact that Im ready, mentally, physically, and financially.Sometimes I even catch myself being happy that I grew up the way I did, I made some poor choices and mistakes that I learned from, and I probably wouldnt be the man I am today if that would have happened, so for that I am grateful. Change is something that collects to happen not only in America but all over the world. Men as a whole need to start taking responsibilities for their actions and being there for their children, even though with some cases it is hard especially when the father loses all custody for his child, but even this is no excuse for not being around.Like I verbalize earlier, women are strong and can handle anything you throw at them, but there are still things a woman cant teach her son or daughter. It doesnt seem like much but a father or a father like figure makes a significant difference in a childs life, that it could be the difference of being down in the mouth to happy, successful and unsuccessful, prison or not, or even life or death. Works Cited Stuart,Elizabeth. Fatherless America? A third of children now live without their dad. Deseret News. , 22 May 2011. Web. 4 May 2009. Parker, Wayne. Statistics on Fatherless Children inAmerica. About. com Guide. Web.

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There are always ups and downs associated with any line of business

There be always ups and downs associated with any extraction of profession frontier. IT is not an exception. During downturn profit margins take a toll and consumer confidence plummets. Business executives around the population eagerly s back tooth the latest report on economic indicators and search for good vernals.downswing affects umpteen segments. It is not only the industry that experiences the negatives of the economy, but as well the coarse man is affected. scotch uncertainty elicits variant reactions from different firms. well-nigh organizations simply tread water and attempt to ride push through the storm early(a)s float upstream with the intent to move ahead of their competitors.As executives rethink their personal line of credit strategies, they should consider a pattern of approaches including some that atomic number 18 not immediately unmistakable given todays uncertain economic climate.2 riddle DefinitionUnderstanding the problem is a pigment to solving it. Howsoever generic this statement may be, it is capable to say that the strategies and actions formulated to emerge strong in downturn may not succeed without mind how the downturn was powerd. It is imperative to understand the factors that influence the downturn and how a particular downturn may be triggered. The ca practise could be many an(prenominal) a particular industry segment might not understand expectations and could trigger decrease in ontogeny in some new(prenominal) sectors. E.g. the dot com burst. In this section we campaign to list down indicators that could assertable play a role in causing the downturn. Along with it we similarly list down the reactions that companies worldwide give to tackle downturns. By way of research we would like to break how these reactions mint indeed be made operational strategies to emerge victorious in the downturn.2.1 Economic downswing DefinedEconomic downswing is defined by a signifi puket decline in sum outpu t, in fix, employment, and trade, usually lasting from six months to a year, and marked by widespread contractions in many sectors of the economy.Downturns shag be* Industry specific* Economy based* Long term/ short term or* Geography specificThe severity of an Economic Downturn is measured through parameters likeEconomy* concern* GDP Growth* Interest rates* Inflation* Investments* Public ExpenditureCorporate* Lack of growth in profit talent* moveing earning outlooks* Squeeze in margins* Drop in share price indication* Low dividends* High investor expectation* Dried-up cash flow* Low capacity utilization* imperative need for cost optimization* Increased market competition* Stagnant Markets Non expanding Frozen pie vs. Expanding PiePeople* Fall in Personal income* Fall in Personal expenditure* Fall in Private Investments2.2 guild Reactions during downturnCompanies adopt various tactics that can help them emerge stronger and subsequently more combative when the economic uptur n arrives.Forward-thinking initiatives that concentrate on lowering an organizations ongoing cost structure are more impelling than blanket budget cuts. The tactics counselling equally on efficiency and expansion, since businesses keen on contemptible ahead hold in to consider both perspectives. In fact, when corporate coffers are clamped shut, companies must rely on efficiency gains to fund expansion initiatives2.2.1 Cut addresssCutting the cost is probably the most obvious option for a go with when margins are thin. Cost cutting is done in different forms and many of the following options directly or indirectly deal with them.2.2.2 Improve FocusIn boom terms, the proverbial strategy is to let a thousand flowers bloom. However, when the financial picture darkens, the businesses tend to do some pruning. An economic downturn becomes an ideal period to focus the corporations scarce resources -both marketing and manufacturing dollars on the most popular, promising or profitabl e products and brands. In other words, invest in the best and ignore the rest. Savings from consolidation efforts can then be applied to further support selected focus areas.Similarly, businesses try to concentrate on acquiring and retaining the most profitable customer sets How?1. Forego expensive mass-marketing efforts instead, market directly to carefully targeted prospects2. Focus efforts on serving fleet accounts better than ever. Understand customer cost and revenue drivers to determine the real top accounts, then consider e-commerce and self-service solutions that can increase satisfaction while lowering costs.3. Learn to in effect use nurture that is already available in-house to build revenues from the existing customer base. By combining in-house information with proprietary market data, the company can start to understand the why of customer preferences and build a stronger competitive advantage.2.2.3 Ease points of painWhen revenues are climbing continuously, inefficie ncies are easy to ignore declines in per-unit margins can be made up through volume. But when growth stalls, margins come under tremendous scrutiny, forcing companies to travel to every aspect of their business for possible make betterments. Rarely can a business simply recrudesce performing a function instead, it must attend a way to accomplish the parturiency differently. This a good deal requires the help of technology.Surplus inventory, high work-in-process and yield-and-demand discrepancies are more costly than ever. By digitally linking the entire supply chain and collaborating electronically with suppliers and customers, companies can potentially lower costs in the short term and improve market responsiveness over time.2.2.4 Share costsIts not surprising that when margins are squeezed, firms search out and eliminate redundancy. Internal and external best practices implemented through shared or common business models across the enterprise can dramatically lower costs wh ile increasing competitiveness. However, an all or nothing approach to standardization can sometimes backfire. When implementation teams look beneath the sur strikingness of common functions, they often discover legitimate needs for variance. Before too long, the cost of processing exceptions outweighs the anticipated synergism savings. An effective shared services strategy requires a deeper analysis up front pursuing standardized parts, not necessarily the whole function. Rather than forcing each function regardless of line of business into a standard mold, look for naturally occurring affinities, pinpoint specific areas of similarity, and combine those particular pieces.3 Analysis3.1 Reasons for DownturnStudies have shown that the following are the main reasons for downturn60% of the respondents feel that this downturn is caused by radiation pattern fluctuations in business cycles. The fluctuations in share markets are attributed as the reason for downturn by 20% of the respo ndents. Only 15% of the respondents felt that the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center is the cause for the downturn.This shows that people perceive downturn as a natural phenomenon happening due to ups and downs in the economy. Terrorist attacks and other reasons, are not the main factors causing downturn, but they can trigger an already bad stance worsened.3.2 How do people see the downturnMajority (61%) of the people feel that downturn is an opportunity to find newer markets, restructure their organization and fine-tune the process to increase productivity.The findings here support our arguments provided in the prior section. Downturn is definitely an opportunity for businesses to take a look at their processes, the way they provide services to customers, markets and other factors affecting them and improve their way of working.3.3 Strategies to focus during downturnStudies found that during a downturn the energies of people are concentrated in keeping their customers happy. 32% of the people have made this as their radical focus area. The other areas where people are concentrating are in strengthening the sales and distribution/marketing.When getting new business is tough, it makes sense to keep the existing customers happy, provide them the extra bit for their dollar and come up with innovative ideas to service them. Keeping the existing business stable can sustain the current revenues and increase. reiterate business can increase the revenues. With these factors in mind, people are following customer centric strategies to face the downturn.3.4 HR strategies during downturnHuman Resources are on of the key focus area during a downturn. Cost can be cut cost by retrenching employees. Productivity can be increased by extending the working hours or by employing cross-functional training.Punish the non-performers is the key mantra. 80% of the respondents have stated that this is the primary task that needs to be accomplished or that the ir companies have started identifying non-performers and taken steps to ensure that employees perform to expectations.Some of them advocate extending the working hours. There seems to be not much support for unpaid leave or freezing salaries among the people interviewed.3.5 Outsourcing as an optionDownturns might pose a good opportunity to demand what the companies are doing the best and discard the rest.Outsourcing to low cost destinations is definitely being looked as a possible opportunity. 76% of the respondents feel that they should resort to outsourcing non-core activities.4 Suggested Strategy to Manage DownturnsRecessions, sound a lot worse than they are in part because theyre a great opportunity to move forward on key strategies and to take on competitors.To get through a deferral the most important thing for a company to do is to keep a positive attitude and identify its challenges and convert them into opportunities. There are various strategies that a company can adopt to not only survive but withal grow in a reversionary economy.Based on the various arguments and data provided in the previous sections, we are in a position to present these action items to manage business in a downturn. We have grouped them under different functional management areas.4.1 Core CompetenciesRecession is the time when a company must concentrate on its core competencies. Core Competence implies Resource, strength, skills or a confederacy that provide tangible advantage to a firm. It is very essential for the company to maintain focus and do what it does best. It is dangerous for a company to venture into unknown territories with an intention to broad-base itself, as one wrong termination could make it fall deep in the red.Every company must take stock of its strengths and leverage unique strengths that are difficult to emulate. It should strive to enhance its knowledge and skill by keeping in touch with the market requirements.Identify strengths and axe weaknesses. This can translate in restructuring, selling or block weak or mediocre businesses. Selling is particularly difficult, as the same division might have fetched much more in good days. In a downturn, this aspect should not change the focus. Companies cannot chip in to waste money and management attention in areas that destroy rate or limit their ability to invest in the future.Young companies may not have enough run way for the near year or two. They must rapidly adopt survival strategies. Tough choices range from giving up equity at low valuations merging with compatible product or service companies partnering to, in effect, use other peoples resources or narrowing the strategic focus to a bare minimum. A careful examine and analysis will help in taking the right decision.4.2 Customer is the KingRepeat business from customers is important to maintain profitability. It has been proven that, repeat business accounts for around 70% of the total business in most of the established c ompanies. Customer delight should be the focus. Offer something to the customer, which not only exceeds his expectations but also goes even beyond it. E.g. Special features in a software application/product in line with the customer requirements.Infosys receives 85% of its revenues from its existing customers. This is what we can call as a Customer focused capabilities which Infosys has construct over a period of time.Customer delight can also be achieved by rattling sending out people on the field and spending time with the customers to find out their requirements, the value they put on the product or service offered by the company, their level of satisfaction with the quality and other suggestions they can offer to better our product. This strategy was recently adopted by Hindustan Lever Ltd. with their feel the impulse drive.4.3 Human Resource4.3.1 Talent RetentionAt the outset, we have shown that recession and growth form a continuous circle. Therefore, it is imperative for c ompanies to resist the temptation of cutting costs through retrenchment, as it sows the problem of rehiring professionals when the economy turns around. Instead, companies should encourage their employees to accept pay-cuts, and cross- train them so as to equip them with the necessary skills that will help the company take advantage of the opportunities that arise once the situation improves.Many companies that want to cut costs during recession adopt the insurance policy of downsizing. A vast number of sharp professionals are thus available for recruitment. Managers can take advantage of this favorable situation by recruiting these professionals after thoroughly interviewing them, thus testing their efficiency levels, attitudes, and the organizational culture fit.4.3.2 Miscellaneous ActionsCompanies can resort to cross-train people in view of the opportunities that can come up after the recession is over. This is more like doing an investment in hope of better time to comeIn cas e of situations that warrant stopping the production, companies can ask the employees to take unpaid leaves or giving extended weekends. Lucent has adopted this strategy. It can have a downside to it by way of loosing talented employees because of employees getting demoralized.Offering additional perks to those who can get in more business can actuate employees. This can be mainly applicable to the marketing and sales force.Jack Welch, former CEO of ecumenical Electric Co. called pay freezes the worst crime of management and underscored his long-held belief in a meritocracy approach that consistently rewards the top 20% of employees and dismisses the bottom 10%. While he was CEO at GE, Welch said, 75% of his time was spent evaluating people and raising the companys intellectual capital through candid evaluations.5 ConclusionEconomic Downturn is a phenomenon that occurs at different spheres of the society and attracts a lot of attention from the corporate world, the policy makers a nd of course the common man. The strategies to set things right are also decided at various levels and sweep up a wide range of actions.Above study consists of observing typical industry response to downturn, conducting primary research through surveys and analyzing the data and secondary research through analyzing reports and news available in business journals and internet research groups like Gartner, Meta group etc.

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Korean Wave (Hallyu) in China

Korean agitate (Hallyu) was coined in mainland China in mid-1999 by Beijing journalists move by the fast growing ordinaryity of South Koreans and South Korean goods in China. However, the phenomenon of Korean wave flows into eastside Asia especially China during the early twenty-first century. Korean wave covers the craze for South Korean music, TV dramas, pop stars, but excessively for fashion personal manners, cosmetics and electronics. in that location ar many an(prenominal) cases causing Korean wave being a popular mass purification in China.Korean wave spread so successful because of the Confucian themes that East Asian cultures are more familiar with, typically dealing with conventional issues much(prenominal) as family, love, and filial piety. China in particular assign a similar business relationship with Korea. Furthermore, Korean government propagates their modernization Korean wave through media power. Extensively promoting Korean culture international t urns it other reason Chinese suddenly start engaging in Korean cultures. As ii countries both strongly pay attention to the international culture exchange, battalion are more credibly try to understand and accept it.The effect Korean wave has made on Chinese slew is enormous. Daily disembodied spirit same(p) watching dramas becomes popular and the story lines are discussed among youths and housewives. Due to the drama contains everything alike music, fashion styles, pop stars and foods. Chinese wad start imitating both the way of dressing, make-up putting. Korean restaurants also sprang up quickly like mushrooms. Korean language is also being chosen as students trine language in order to understand more more or less the culture.Chinese start kick the bucketling to the record location in Korea so as to enjoy Korean wave infixedly and it also helps Korean to obtaining another way of economy profit making. Korean handed-down ethnics and education view also influenced Chi nese peoples conduct in many ways. Despite those advantages, Korean wave does challenge the Chinese its get culture. Less attention is paid on Chinese its own entertainment industry. As teenagers are the main target audiences under the Korean wave, their world outlook and life surveys are influenced by it. Korean wave might limits their minds and stop themselves up on the surface.There are two reasons which cause the proceeds of Korean wave being widely accepted in China. first and the close to important reason is that both Korea and China share a similar history background. Those two countries kick in had a grand historical relationship and both of them are influenced by the spirit of Confucianism. The similar social structure, etiquette and philosophy make Korean wave more acceptable in East Asian countries especially China alter inwroughtly than western countries. Due to globalizations rapidly expanding, Chinese people are no longer being bound to Ameri erect pop cultur e.However choosing the one which they think is more understandable. Furthermore, the ideology of Confucianism plays an important role in both old days China until now. However, the Chinese Culture Revolution in 1966 has extensively and banefully damaged the culture understanding which cause the lacking of Confucius value nowadays. Lots of Chinese people can easily trace their traditional value like loyalty, filial piety, benevolence by looking at the Korean drama as those dramas always emphasis on the family relationship and ethnics.Korean dramas are favored because of their richness traditional set which gives a good example showing China how to manage the Confucius value in modern society. It offers both a nostalgic reminder of what has been lost during modernization and an example of an Asian country that has modernized and has retained its traditions. Secondly, since media becomes the global popular culture communicating tool, Chinese people observed that Korean wave is actua lly a new inspirable culture that they had never experienced before.Depending on the age, interests and values of the spectators, different shells of Hallyu scram been propagated to different target audiences. Due to the Chinese harsh education system, youths would more apt(predicate) to accept the new culture with plenty of vigor. Those good-looking pop singer, actor and actress represent the Korean type beauty which is attractive and scintillating. Through both television and internet, young people and women in particular eat up passion in pursuing their dreaming celebrities and even imitating their way of dressing.Although Korean drama does not have spectacular scene like what Hollywood prefers to have, oppo baffleely the exquisite scene in film and the pulchritudinous actors in drama give people a difference feeling. The Korean public broadcaster KBS has airy its send channel KBS world in China for both Korean and foreigners in 2007. KBS hopes their new dish out can boos t Korean wave in China with a population of 1. 3 billion. Moreover, media return is promoted by national policy. Korean government continuously support and promote Korean wave to the tout ensemble world by improving their production techniques.The range of implementation of Korean wave expands rapidly as the exposure rate of the word Hallyu increases. Chinese people start to chase the new phenomenon due to the promoting of media. Since the phenomenon of Korean wave flows in to China during the early twenty-first century. The effects that Hallyu has been made largely influenced Chinese peoples daily life, knowledge learning and also largely challenged the development of Chinese its own culture. As TV drama was the first Korean wave imported into China. Watching Korean drama in China is as popular as having Kimchi everyday in Korea.Housewives become the typical group who sit in front of the television and so as youths. The synopsis has been widely discussed at peoples leisure which occupies a large time on their daily life. The successful promoting of Korean dramas is evidenced by the fact that they are now becoming part of the everyday program among different Chinese local anesthetic television broadcasters. Furthermore even having Korean food, so often appeared in Korean dramas, has become a new fad among Chinese. Thus, Koreans in China and local Chinese people take this as an advantage.So Korean style restaurants sprang up like mushrooms in China especially in big urban center like Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. A report in the International Herald Tribune noted that South Koreans are only just starting to realize that food can be just as fat an export as semiconductors. Dae Jang genus Geum is the drama which well talks about one girls life in the royal court within the traditional Korean culture, royal cuisine and traditional medicine being mentioned as theme. After the drama was exported into China and was very well received.Many restaurants named Dae Jang Geum and attracted consumers by putting Royal court cuisine as their shop sign. Also cited was the new longing for Korean food in China where Korean court cuisine has become immensely popular and sales of hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and traditional herbal medicine have skyrocketed Korean food suddenly becomes the most popular cuisine among China. Learning and emulating become another significance effects which putted on Chinese people. Stars of such dramas and pop singers have emerged as Korean popular idols among Chinese teenagers. Regional music channel like ChannelV in China featured Korean pop music videos which created so many K-POP fans. They vie with each other in imitating their fashion, hairstyle and also make-up. Even more dramatically, some Chinese women acquire plastic surgeons changing their face into the celebrity who they like because of the advanced plastic surgeon technology in Korea. As drama winter Sonata was played on TV, the main actor- Bae Yong Juns fashion style was usually being imitating among male teenagers. The gentle refined glasses with the special carrying scarf dominated the fashion style during that time. Those style dresses were easily seen on the street.Since people are more curious about Korean culture, consume Korean language so as to better understands the meaning of the pop songs and dramas. More students take Korean as their third language after Korean wave has coming into China. Furthermore, Chinese see Korean as a good opportunity having and organizing travel tour. Apart from the well-known destination like Seoul, Seoraksan case Park and Andong, the resort island of Namiseom where Winter Sonata filming took place on turned into a famous travel destination for foreigners. People have desires to see and to feel the beautiful scene by their own eyes.Korean wave offers an opportunity for Chinese to experience the Korean culture and Korean wave also offers Korean itself having the opportunity to show thei r success in transnational culture delivery. The economy benefits Korea obtained from Korean wave are also enormous. Apart from those stunning things Chinese see from Korean wave, it also challenges Chinese peoples thinking, way of living and its own culture maintenance. The strong propagating of etiquettes and ethnics toward different generation among the entire country from Korean dramas and TV programs provokes Koreans traditional Confucius ideology.That is the part of important culture which Chinese is losing little by little. Korean wave is not only propagating its popular fashion things but also propagating their social values and life styles. As reported Chinese people yearn and dream for a bright life by watching Korean dramas. People have desire to yearn for the lost love in the rapidly growing society. Korean typical love story lines give them any opportunity to function from the reality and believe that love and beautiful things willing always beat evil or cancerous b ehavior. The social values which have been communicated through the drama eep reminding Chinese never throwing away the traditions to modernize the country. Nevertheless, on that point are also some disadvantages Korean waves deeply influenced China and Chinese people especially youths. Firstly Chinese its own entertainment industry is challenged by the transnational power from Korea. As Korean dramas and K-POP came into China, they have taken almost eighty percent of teenagers audiences concentrating on foreigner culture but forgetting the Chinese native entertainment culture. Secondly, there is a need for big(p)er diversity and choice in education for teenagers.As Chinese people are not growing up in Korea and could not experience the life in real Korea. Misunderstandings will definitely being transferred from one country to another. Teenagers accept the surface of the Korean wave through the most visualized media tool like magazines and televisions. Without parents and the soci etys rational guide, teenagers will herculean to get a thorough understanding about the culture diversity of the whole world. There are complex reasons for the emergence of the Korean wave suddenly catches Chinese peoples attention.For the great esteem people express for high-quality popular culture goods such as TV dramas, music, fashion-style and even cuisines. It is hard to predict the future for Korean wave whether it will fad or continue shining, however, the transnational culture it has been propagated made a remarkable job already. The extensively effects what Korean wave has made did feign on China and Chinese peoples everyday life. Not only up on the surface such as aesthetic standard, entertainment ways, appetite but also the ethnics on family value, loyalty, filial piety and the inviolability of tradition.The Confucianism ideology connects Korea and China which challenged Chinese peoples thinking. In the mean time, since both of them share the similar culture background , Korean wave is easier to be accepted. Balancing Korean wave with Chinese native culture, Chinese people are also concerning about the invasion of Korean wave. Youths are mostly questioned about their future growth depending on other countrys culture. The transnational culture communications make disadvantages as well. 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Effects of Guilt in Crime and Punishment Essay

criminality is a force in all that has the ability to bring people to insanity. When ungodliness catchs great enough, the effects it has on people go much deeper than the surface. Peoples minds and bodys are overpowered by the guilty conscience that consumes them every second they live with their rouse. The devastating effects of guilt are portrayed vividly in Dostoevskys fictional but all to real novel Crime and Punishment. In the story, the main lawsuit Raskolnikov commits a murder and suffers with the guilt throughout. Eventually his cause guilt destroys himself and he is forced to confess. Through Raskolnikov, Dostoevsky bestows on the reader how guilt destroys Raskolnikovs physical and mental well being, which, in time, leads to complete alienation from society.When angiotensin-converting enzyme suffers with a great cross of guilt, their physical health readily deteriorates. Raskolnikovs physical suffering begins in brief after the murder with delusions and nonsense r avings while constantly drifting in and out of reality. He a good deal goes into a introduce of non wholly unconscious but is in a feverish disk operating transcription, sometimes delirious, sometimes half conscious(98) while blaming it on his previous sickness. Raskolnikov is being destroyed by his guilt. He is unable to physically live in society while he has such a burden constantly looming over him.When in the police station, Raskolnikov hears talk of the murders and with just a reminder of his crime, he quickly becomes weak. When he recovered sense(88) the men at the station undoubtedly notice his illness and period of time out that he can barely stand upright.(89) His guilt has driven him to a serious state of sickness. He can no longer function normally or even keep consciousness when he is reminded of his crime. Raskolnikov can no longer function normally because his guilt has destroyed is physical capabilities so drastically.The mental abilities of a person are stif led when they are suffering with a great deal of guilt. Along with his physical health, Raskolnikovs mental health quickly deteriorates following the murder. He is in a constant state of mental delirium and has constant ravings that are very irrational.However, Raskolnikovs true state is shown when Razumihin tells him You are delirious you know and Raskolnikovs response is a bold No I am not(93) Even though Raskolnikov is in a state of delirium, his problem is so serious because he is totally oblivious to his state and completely denies it when wise, rational men tell him that he is. Raskolnikovs guilt has taken him from a wise, educated, scholar to being incapable of rational thought. As the story progresses, the guilt becomes progressively heavier on Raskolnikovs mind.Others begin to notice this to including Petrovich who describes Raskolnikov as a moth near a candle who entrust keep circling around him, circling around him all the time narrowing the radius more and more, and-wh op(352) Petrovich is aware of Raskolnikovs state and he knows that Raskolnikov cannot live with his guilt. He knows like a moth around a candle that it is still a matter of time before the guilt is unbearable and Raskolnikov will have to confess everything. Raskolnikovs guilt becomes his biggest enemy as it continues to break down his mind and leads him away from normal society.As Raskolnikov becomes rupture apart by his guilt, he begins to separate himself from society which leads to complete alienation from everybody. He becomes a troops that is so different from everyone around him that he no longer belongs. With a sweep of his arm(96), a drastic realization falls on Raskolnikov as he flings the coin into the water. It seemed to him, he had cut himself rack up from everyone and everything at that moment.(96) Raskolnikov no longer puts value on what his society values the highest. He is terribly measly and hungry, but throws twenty cockpeckcs into the river and thus destroyin g any ties he still had with society. Because of his alienation, Raskolnikov is no longer able to comport his feelings and emotions with anybody. When Raskolnikov claims of hearing things, Natasha tells him that its the blood crying in his ears.(96)Unknowingly, she realizes his disconnection from society as she tells him when there is no outlet for it and it gets clotted, he begins fancying things.(96) The blood in his ears is a metaphor for his alienation and how when there is no outlet, meaning he has no one to talk to, it clots and he imagines things, which is his state of delirium. As Raskolnikov becomes detached from society, he begins to make his own world in his head where his ideals arehis deciding factors. He even has reason for murder. He convinces himself that it wasnt a human being he killed but rather he believes it was a principle(223)Raskolnikov believes he has become the worlds superman and truly done a good deed by ride the world of an illness(223) to society. By this point, Raskolnikov has no ties to society as he has created his own value system and believes he has a license to kill. Raskolnikovs guilt changes him such that he breaks away from society, which snowballs into him being completely alienate with no one who thinks on an equal level.Guilt is the main factor that drives Raskolnikov to insanity which leads to his alienation. Guilt attacks his physical heath making him drift in and out of consciousness, which makes him no longer function normally in society. During this, his mind is being consistently deteriorated by the guilt causing irrational thought. Raskolnikov eventually becomes alienated from society as he no longer thinks or acts like the people around him. Raskolnikov does not improve until he confesses and takes the consequences does he return to normal. Through Raskolnikov, Dostoevsky brilliantly shows the power that guilt truly has on a person.

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The Lost Duke of Wyndham Chapter Nineteen

The drive to preciselylersbridge was e genuinelything horseshit remembered. The trees, the birds, the precise touch of green as the wind ruffled the grassThese were the sights and sounds of his childhood. nonhing had changed. It ought to crap been comforting.It wasnt.When he opened his look that morning, floor had already slipped from the bed and made her way substantiate to her take room. He was disappointed, of get all over hed been wake by his own love and desire for her, and cute nil more than to gather her back into his arms. save he had understood. Life was non as free for a woman as for a man, redden a woman of independent means. dress had her reputation to consider. Thomas and Amelia would never joint a in rankigence information against her, besides Jack did non know professional Crowland well enough to guess what he qualification do if change were caught in his bed. And as for the dowagerWell, it went with forth saying that shed happily destroy gra cility now, if given the chance.The travelling party minus the dowager, to every wholenesss relief met up in the inns dining room for breakfast. Jack knew hed been unable to dungeon his heart from his look when he saw dress enter the room.Would it always be this way, he wondered. Would he gather up her and feel this indescribable, everywhitherwhelming rush of feeling?It wasnt redden desire. It was distant more than that.It was love.Love. With a detonator L and swirly script and hearts and flowers and whatever else the angels and yes, either those annoying little cupids cravinged to use for embellish ment.Love. It could be nonhing else. He saw lard and he felt joy. Not just his joy, merely everyones. The stranger pose behind him. The acquaintance across the room. He saw it on the whole. He felt it all.It was amazing. Humbling. embroider looked at him, and he was a better man.And she thought he would allow anyone to keep them apart.It would not happen. He would n ot permit it happen.Throughout breakfast she did not precisely avoid him there were faraway too many shargon glances and mystic s cubic cen clippingtres for that. besides she had been careful not to seek him out, and indeed, hed not had an opportunity to speak with her yet once. He probably wouldnt take on been able to do so even if coldcock was not so disposed to be circumspect Amelia slipped her hand in Graces righteousness after breakfast and did not let go. gum e conk outic in numbers, Jack decided. The two ladies were stuck in the coach all day with the dowager. He would arouse been blindly reaching for a hand if forced to endure the same.The three gentlemen rode on horseback, taking advantage of the fine weather. Lord Crowland decided to take a seat in the carriage after their first relinquish to water the horses, notwithstanding thirty minutes later he was staggering back out, declaring the ride far less exhausting than the dowager.You would abandon your daught er to the dowagers venom? Jack asked mildly.Crowland did not even try to crystalise excuses. I did not say I was proud of myself.The sitellite Hebrides, Thomas state, trotting by. Im telling you, Audley, its the key to your happiness.The Outer Hebrides.The Outer Hebrides? Crowland echoed, looking from man to man for explanation.Almost as far as the Orkneys, Thomas said cheer completey. And a good deal more fun to say.Have you bindings there? Crowland asked.Not yet, Thomas replied. He looked over at Jack. Perhaps you can restore a nunnery. Something with insurmountable walls.Jack found himself enjoying the mental picture. How have you lived with her for so long? he asked.Thomas shook his head. I have no idea.They were talking as if it were already decided, Jack realized. They were talking as if he had already been named the duke. And Thomas did not seem to mind. If anything, he appeared to be looking forward to his imminent dispossession.Jack looked back at the carriage. Grace ha d insisted that she could not marry him if he was the duke. And yet, he could not imagine doing it without her. He was unprepared for the duties that came with the title.Astoundingly so. But she knew what to do, didnt she? Shed lived at Belgrave for five years. She had to know how the gravel was run. She knew the name of every last servant, and as far as he could tell, their birthdays, too.She was kind. She was gracious. She was innately fair, of impeccable judgment, and far more intelligent than he.He could not imagine a more perfect duchess.But he did not pauperism to be the duke.He truly didnt.Hed de move over it in his mind illimitable times, reminding himself of all of the reasons why hed make a very bad Duke of Wyndham, but had he ever in reality fill in out and said it plainly?He did not want to be the duke.He looked over at Thomas, who was looking up at the sun, shading his eyes with his hand.It must be past noon, Lord Crowland said. Shall we stop for lunch?Jack shrugg ed. It did not matter to him.For the sake of the ladies, Crowland said.As one, they false and looked over their shoulders toward the carriage.Jack thought he saw Crowland cringe. Its not pretty in there, he said in a low juncture.Jack quirked a brow.The dowager, Crowland said, shuddering. Amelia begged me to let her ride after we watered the horses.That would be too vicious to Grace, Jack said.Thats what I told Amelia.As you were fleeing the carriage, Thomas murmured, smiling just a little.Crowland cocked his head. I would never demand otherwise.And I would never chastise you for it.Jack listened to the exchange with little interest. By his estimation, they were about halfway to Butlersbridge, and it was maturement increasingly difficult to find humor in the inane. There is a clearing a mile or so earlier, he said. Ive halt there earlier. Its suitable for a picnic.The two other men nodded their agreement, and about five minutes later theyd found the spot. Jack dismounted and went immediately to the carriage. A groom was lot the ladies pull down, but as Grace would be the last to alight, it was easy enough for him to position himself so he dexterity take her hand when she emerged.Mr. Audley, Grace said. She was nothing but polite, but her eyes shone with a secret warmth.Miss Eversleigh. He looked down at her address. The corners were moving slightlyvery slightly. She treasured to smile. He could see it.He could feel it.I will eat in the carriage, the dowager announced sharply. Only hea accordingly(prenominal)s eat on the ground.Jack tapped his chest and grinned. Proud to be a heathen. He quirked his head toward Grace. And you?Very proud.The dowager marched once nearly the perimeter of the field to stretch her legs, she said and then disappeared back inside the carriage.That must have been very difficult for her, Jack commented, watching her go.Grace had been examining the contents of a picnic basket, but at that she looked up. exhausting?There is no one to harass in the carriage, he explained.I opine she feels that we have all ganged up upon her.We have.Grace looked conflicted. Yes, but Oh no. He was not going to listen to her make excuses for the dowager. Dont tell me that you harbor any sympathy toward her.No. Grace shook her head. I wouldnt say that, but You are far too softhearted.At that she smiled. Sheepishly. Perhaps.Once the blankets were laid out, Jack maneuvered them so they were seated a consequence apart from the others. It was not very difficult or very obvious to do so Amelia had sat down next to her father, who appeared to be delivering some break up of lecture, and Thomas had wandered off, probably in search of a tree that needed watering.Is this the road you traveled when you went to school in Dublin? Grace asked, reaching for a slice of bread and cheese.Yes.Hed tried to keep the tightness out of his voice, but he must not have succeeded, because when he looked at her, she was regarding him in tha t unsettling way of hers. Why dont you want to go home?she asked.It was on the tip of his tongue to say that her imagination was too active, or, since he really ought to be reverting to form, something tricky and grandiose, involving sunshine, twittering birds, and milk of human kindness.Statements like that had got him out of far more delicate situations than this.But he hadnt the expertness just now, nor the will.And, anyway, Grace knew better. She knew him better. He could be his usual flip and funny self, and most of the time he hoped she would love him for it. But not when he was trying to hide the truth.Or hide from the truth.Its complicated, he said, because at least that wasnt a lie.She nodded and turned to her lunch. He waited for another question, but none were forthcoming. So he picked up an apple.He looked over. She was cutting into a slice of roast chicken, her eyes on her utensils. He opened his mouth to speak, then decided not to, then brought the apple to his mou th.Then didnt blote into it.Its been over five years, he blurted out.She looked up. Since youve been home?He nodded.Thats a long time.Very long.Too long?His fingers tightened around the apple. No.She took a few bites of her meal, then looked up. Would you like me to slice that apple for you?He handed it over, mostly because hed forgotten he was holding it. I had a cousin, you know. Bloody hell, where had that come from? He hadnt meant to say anything about Arthur. Hed spent the last five years trying not to think about him, trying to make convinced(predicate) that Arthurs was not the last face he saw in advance he fell asleep at night.I thought youd said you had three cousins, Grace said. She wasnt looking at him she gave every sign of giving her complete focus to the apple and knife in her hands.Only two now.She looked up, her eyes large with sympathy. I am sorry.Arthur died in France. The words sounded rusty. He realized it had been a long time since hed said Arthurs name alou d. phoebe bird years, probably.With you? Grace asked softly.He nodded.She looked down at the apple slices, now neatly arranged on a plate. She didnt seem to know what to do with them.Youre not going to say that it wasnt my fault? he said, and he scorned the sound of his voice. It was hollow, and pained, and sarcastic, and desperate, and he couldnt commit what hed just said.I wasnt there, she said.His eyes flew to her face.I cant imagine how it would have been your fault, but I wasnt there. She reached across the food and laid her hand briefly atop his. Im sorry. Were you close?He nodded, crook away and pretending to look at the trees. Not so much when we were young. But after we remaining for school He pinched the bridge of his nose, wondering how to explain just what Arthur had done for him. we found much more in common.Her fingers tightened around his, and then she let go. It is difficult to lose someone you love.He looked back at her once he was satisfied that his eyes would remain dry. When you lost your parentsIt was horrible, she answered. Her lips moved at the corners, but not into a smile. It was one of those flashes of movement a tiny, little rush of emotion, escaping almost without notice. I didnt think I should die, Grace said softly, but I did not know how I would live.I wish But he didnt know what he wished. That he could have been there for her? What good would he have been? Five years ago hed been broken, too.The dowager saved me, she said. She smiled wryly. Isnt that funny?His brows rose. Oh, come now. The dowager does nothing out of the goodness of her heart.I did not say why she did it, just that she did. I should have been forced to marry my cousin if she had not taken me in.He took her hand and brought it to his lips. I am glad you did not.So am I, she said, without any get out of tenderness. He is awful.Jack chuckled. And here Id hoped you were relieved to have waited for me.She gave him an arch look and withdrew her hand. You have not met my cousin.He finally took one of the apple pieces and bit into it. We have an overabundance of odious relations, you and I.Her lips twisted in thought, and then her body twisted so that she could look back toward the carriage. I should go to her, she said.No, you shouldnt, Jack said firmly.Grace sighed. She did not want to feel sorry for the dowager, not after what the dowager had said to her the night before. But her converse with Jack had brought back memoriesand reminded her just how very much she was indebted to her.She turned back to Jack. She is all alone.She deserves to be alone. He said this with great conviction, and more than a touch of surprise, as if he could not regard the matter might be under discussion.No one deserves to be alone.Do you really believe that?She didnt, butI want to believe it.He looked at her dubiously.Grace started to rise. She looked this way and that, making sure no one could hear, and said, You should not have been kissing my hand where p eople can see, anyway.She stood then, stepping quickly away, before he had a chance to make a reply.Have you finished your lunch? Amelia called out as she passed.Grace nodded. Yes. I am going to the carriage to see if the dowager needs anything.Amelia looked at her as if shed gone mad.Grace gave a little shrug. Everybody deserves a second chance. She thought about that, then added, mostly to herself, That, I really do believe. She marched over to the carriage. It was too high for her to climb up herself, and the grooms were nowhere in sight, so she called out, Your grace Your graceThere was no reply, so she said, a little louder, MaamThe dowagers irate mugful appeared in the open doorway. What do you want?Grace reminded herself that she had not spent a lifetime of sunlight mornings in church for nothing. I wished to inquire if you needed anything, your grace.Why?Good heavens, she was suspicious. Because I am a nice person, Grace said, somewhat impatiently.And then she crossed her arms, waiting to see what the dowager said to that.The dowager stared down at her for several moments, then said, It is my experience that nice people dont need to advertise themselves as such.Grace wanted to inquire what sort of experience the dowager had with nice people, since it was her own experience that most nice people fled the dowagers presence.But that seemed catty.She took a breath. She did not have to do this. She did not have to help the dowager in any way. She was her own woman now, and she did not need to worry over her security.But she was, as she had notable, a nice person. And she was driven to remain a nice person, regardless of her improved circumstances. She had waited upon the dowager for the last five years because shed had to, not because she wanted to. And nowWell, she bland didnt want to. But shed do it. Whatever the dowagers motives five years ago, she had saved Grace from a lifetime of unhappiness. And for that, she could spend an hour attending to the dowager. But more than that, she could choose to spend an hour attending to her.It was amazing what a difference that made.Maam? Grace said. That was all. Just maam. Shed said enough. It was up to the dowager now.Oh, very well, she said irritably. If you feel you must.Grace kept her face utterly serene as she allowed Lord Crowland (who had caught the latter(prenominal) half of the conversation and told Grace she was mad) to help her up. She took her prescribed seat facing backward, as far from the dowager as possible and folded her hands neatly in her lap. She did not know how long they would be sitting here the others had not seemed instead ready to quit their lunch.The dowager was looking out the window Grace kept her eyes on her hands. Every now and then shed steal a glance up, and every time, the dowager was still turned away, her posture hard and stiff, her lips pinched tight.And then perhaps the fifth time Grace looked up the dowager was staring straight at her.You disa ppoint me, she said, her voice low not quite hiss, but something close to it.Grace held her silence. She held everything, it seemed her posture, her breath. She did not know what to say, except that she would not apologize. Not for having the audacity to reach out for happiness.You were not hypothetic to leave.I was but a servant, maam.You were not supposed to leave, the dowager said again, but this time something within her seemed to shake. Not quite her body, and not quite her voice.Her heart, Grace realized with a shock. Her heart was shaking.He is not what I expected, the dowager said.Grace blinked, trying to follow. Mr. Audley?Cavendish, the dowager said sharply.You did not know that he existed, Grace said, as gently as she was able. How could you have expected anything?The dowager did not answer. Not that question, anyway. Do you know why I took you into my home?she asked instead.No, Grace said softly.The dowagers lips pressed together for a moment before she said, It was no t right. A person should not be alone in this world.No, Grace said again. And she believed it, with her whole heart.It was for the both of us. I took a unholy thing and turned it into good. For both of us. Her eyes narrowed, boring into Graces. You were not supposed to leave.And then good heavens, Grace could not believe she was saying it, but I will come visit you, should you wish.The dowager swallowed, and she looked straight ahead when she said, That would be acceptable.Grace was saved from further reply by the arrival of Amelia, who informed them that they would depart momentarily. And indeed, shed had barely enough time to settle into her seat when the carriage wheels creaked into motion, and they began to roll forward.No one spoke.It was better that way. some(prenominal) hours later, Grace opened her eyes.Amelia was staring at her. You fell asleep, she said quietly, then put her finger to her lips as she motioned to the dowager, who had also dozed off.Grace covered a yawn, t hen asked, How much longer do you think we have until we get there?I dont know. Amelia gave a little shrug. Perhaps an hour? Two? She sighed then, and leaned back.She looked tired, Grace thought. They were all tired.And scared.What will you do? Grace asked, before she had the chance to think better of it.Amelia did not open her eyes. I dont know.It was not much of an answer, but then again, it hadnt been a fair question.Do you know what the funniest part of it is? Amelia asked quite suddenly.Grace shook her head, then remembered that Amelias eyes were still closed and said, No.I keep thought to myself, This isnt fair. I should have a choice. I should not have to be traded and bartered like some sort of commodity. But then I think, How is this any different? I was given to Wyndham years ago. I never made a complaint.You were just a baby, Grace said.Still, Amelia did not open her eyes, and when she spoke, her voice was quiet and full of recrimination. I have had many years to lodge a complaint.Amelia I have no one to blame but myself.Thats not true.Amelia finally opened her eyes. One of them, at least. Youre just saying that.No, Im not. I would, Grace admitted, because it was true. But as it happens, I am telling the truth. It isnt your fault. Its not anyones fault, really. She took a breath. Let it out. I wish it were. It would be so much easier that way.To have someone to blame?Yes.And then Amelia whispered, I dont want to marry him.Thomas? Grace asked. Amelia had spent so long as his fiancee, and they did not seem to have any great affection for one another.Amelia looked at her curiously. No. Mr. Audley.Really?You sound so shocked.No, of course not, Grace said hurriedly. What was she to say to Amelia that she was so desperately in love with him herself that she could not imagine anyone not wanting him? Its just that hes so handsome, she improvised.Amelia gave a little shrug. I suppose.She supposed? Hadnt she ever seen him smile?But then Amelia said, Dont y ou find him a little too charming?No. Grace immediately looked down at her hands, because her no had come out in not at all the tone of voice shed intended. And indeed, Amelia must have heard it, too, because her next words were Grace Eversleigh, do you fancy Mr. Audley?Grace stammered and stumbled, and managed a rather croaky, I before Amelia cut in with You do.It does not signify, Grace said, because what was she supposed to say? To Amelia, who might or might not be engaged to marry him.Of course it signifies. Does he fancy you?Grace wanted to melt into the seat.No, Amelia said, sounding highly amused. Dont answer. I can see from your face that he does. Well.I certainly shall not marry him now.Grace swallowed. Her throat tasted bitter. You should not refuse him on my account.What did you just say?I cant marry him if hes the duke.Why not?Grace tried to smile, because really, it was sweet of Amelia to ignore the difference in their positions. But she could not quite manage it. If he is the duke, he will need to marry someone suitable. Of your rank.Oh, dont be silly, Amelia scoffed. Its not as if you grew up in an orphanage.There will be scandal enough. He must not add to it with a sensational marriage.An actress would be sensational. You will merely be a weeks worth of gossip.It would be more than that, but Grace saw no point in controversy further. But then Amelia said I do not know Mr. Audleys mind, or his intentions, but if he is prepared to dare everything for love, then you should be, too.Grace looked at her. How was it that Amelia suddenly looked so very wise? When had that happened?When had she stopped being Elizabeths little sister and bring to passherself?Amelia reached out and squeezed her hand. Be a woman of courage, Grace. She smiled then, murmuring something to herself as she turned and looked out the window.Grace stared straight ahead, thinkingwonderingwas Amelia right? Or was it just that she had never faced hardship? It was easy to talk abo ut being courageous when one had never come face-to-face with desperation.What would happen if a woman of her background married a duke? Thomass mother had not been an aristocrat, but when she married his father, he was only third in line to inherit, and no one had expected her to become a duchess. By all accounts, she had been dreadfully unhappy. Miserable, even.But Thomass parents had not loved each other. They had not even liked each other, from what Grace had heard.But she loved Jack.And he loved her.Still, it would all be so much simpler if he turned out not to be the legitimate son of John Cavendish.And then, out of nowhere, Amelia whispered, We could blame the dowager. As Grace turned to her in confusion, Amelia clarified, For this. You said it would be easier if we had someone to blame.Grace looked over at the dowager, who was seated across from Amelia. She was snoring softly, and her head was perched at what had to be an uncomfortable angle. It was remarkable, but even in r epose her mouth was pinched and unpleasant.Its certainly more her fault than anyone elses, Amelia added, but Grace noted that she tossed a nervous glance at the dowager as she spoke.Grace nodded, murmuring, I cannot disagree with that.Amelia stared off into lay for several seconds, and then, just when Grace was convinced that she did not plan to respond, she said, It didnt make me feel any better.Blaming the dowager?Yes. Amelias shoulders slumped a bit. Its still horrible. The whole thing.Dreadful, Grace agreed.Amelia turned and looked at her directly. Sodding bad.Grace gasped. AmeliaAmelias face wrinkled in thought. Did I use that correctly?I wouldnt know.Oh, come now, dont tell me you havent thought something just as unladylike.I wouldnt say it.The look Amelia gave her was as clear as a dare. But you thought it.Grace felt her lips twitch. Its a damned shame.A bloody inconvenience, if you ask me, Amelia responded, fast enough so Grace knew shed been saving that one.I have an adva ntage, you know, Grace said archly.Oh, really?Indeed. I am privy to the servants talk.Oh, come now, you wont be convincing me that the housemaids at Belgrave talk like the fishmonger.No, but sometimes the footmen do.In front of you?Not on purpose, Grace admitted, but it happens.Very well. Amelia turned to her with quirked lips and humor in her eyes. Do your worst.Grace thought for a moment and then, after darting a quick glance across the carriage to make sure that the dowager was still asleep, she leaned forward and whispered in Amelias ear.When she was through, Amelia drew back and stared at her, blinking three times before saying, Im not sure I know what that means.Grace frowned. I dont think I do, either.It sounds bad, though.Sodding bad, Grace said with a smile, and she patted Amelias hand.Amelia sighed. A damned shame.Were repeating ourselves, Grace pointed out.I know, Amelia said, with a fair bit of feeling. But whose fault is it? Not ours. Weve been far too sheltered.Now tha t, Grace announced with flair, really is a damned shame.A bloody inconvenience, if you ask me.What the devil are the two of you talking about?Grace gulped, and she stole a glance at Amelia, who was staring at the now quite awake dowager with a similar look of horror.Well? the dowager demanded.Nothing, Grace chirped.The dowager regarded her with a most unpleasant expression, then turned her frosty attentions to Amelia.And you, Lady Amelia. Where is your breeding?And then Amelia oh, dear heavens she shrugged her shoulders and said, Damned if I know.Grace tried to hold still, but her shock positively burst out of her, and she rather feared she spat upon the dowager. Which did seem ironic, that the first time she did such a thing, it should be accidental.You are disgusting, the dowager hissed. I cannot believe I considered forgiving you.Stop plectron on Grace, Amelia said. With surprising force.Grace turned to Amelia in surprise.The dowager, however, was furious. I beg your pardon.I said, stop plectrum on Grace.And who do you think you are, to order me about?As Grace watched Amelia, she would have sworn she changed right before her very eyes. Gone was the unsure girl, in her place was The future Duchess of Wyndham, or so Im told.Graces lips parted in shock. And admiration.Because really, Amelia added disdainfully, if Im not, what the devil am I doing here, halfway across Ireland?Graces eyes darted from Amelia to the dowager and back. And then back again. And then Well, suffice it to say, it was a monstrously long moment of silence.Do not speak again, the dowager finally said. I cannot tolerate the sound of your voices.And indeed, they all remained silent for the rest of the journey. Even the dowager.