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Dorothy Johnson Essay

take hold is the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, go a bulkyion of unsoundness and injury, all in alleviation of suffering through the diagnosing and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the c atomic number 18 of rough champions, families, communities, and populations (other). Dorothy E. Johnson was a nursing theorist, who was innate(p) August 21, 1919, in Savanna, Georgia. She has had an influence on her nursing through her publications since the 1950s. Throughout her career, Johnson has punctuate the importance of research-establish know conductge nigh the force play of nursing care on lymph nodes. This led to The Johnson Behavioral System prototype, in which she came up with in 1980. Nursing theories are utilise to describe, jump, disseminate, and use present knowledge in nursing. Johnson was an early fan of nursing as a science as surface as an art. From the beginning, Johnson proposed that the knowledge of the science of n ursing was necessary for effective nursing care. In 1961, Johnson proposed that nursing care facilitated the clients maintenance of a state of equilibrium.Furthermore, Johnson proposed that clients were disturbed by a stimulus of all an internal or external nature. These nerve-racking stimuli created such disturbances, or tensions, in the forbearing that a state of disequilibrium occurred. Johnson identified dickens areas of nursing care that should be sensuald on in order to ingathering the client to a state of equilibrium. First, by reducing stressful stimuli, and second, by musical accompaniment natural and adaptive processes. Johnsons portal outline conjecture springs from Nightingales belief that nursings tendency is to help various(prenominal)s prevent or recover from disease or injury. The science and art of nursing should pore on the patient as an idiosyncratic and not on the specific disease. Johnson use the work of behavioural scientists in psychology, soci ology, and ethnology to develop her theory.Moreover, Johnson states that nurses should use the behavioral body as their knowledge base comparable to the biologic remains that physicians use as their base of knowledge (Lobo, 1995). The reason Johnson chose the behavioral system model is the idea that all the patterned,repetitive,  meaningful ways of behaving that char comeerize from from each one(prenominal) one mortals life make up an organized and integrated whole, or a system(other). Johnson states that by categorizing behaviors, they can be predicted and ordered. Johnson categorized all human behavior into seven subsystems(SSs)Attachment,Achievement, Aggressive, Dependence, Sexual, Ingestive, and Eliminative. Each subsystem is composed of a set of behavioral responses or tendencies that address a common goal. These responses are developed through experience and learning and are determined by numerous physiological, biological, psychological, and genial factors. Fo ur assumptions are made about the structure and function of each SS. These quadruplet assumptions are thestructural elements common to each of the seven SSs.The first assumption is from the get of the behavior it takes and the consequences it achieves and can be inferred to what train that has been stimulated or what goal is being sought (Johnson, 1980). The ultimate goal for each subsystem is expected to be the same for all individuals. The second assumption is that each individual has a predisposition to act, with reference to the goal, in certain ways sort of than in other ways (Johnson, 1980). This predisposition to act is labeled set by Johnson. The tercet assumption is that each subsystem has available choices or scope of action alternatives from which choices can be made. The fourth assumption about the behavioral subsystem is that they produce unmistakable outcomes-that is, the individuals behavior (Johnson, 1980).The observable behaviors allow an outsider to note the actions the individual is taking to reach a goal related to a specified SS.In addition, each of the SSs has three operational requirements. First, each subsystem moldiness be protected from noxious influences with which the system cannot cope (Johnson, 1980). Second, each subsystem must be nurtured through the excitant of appropriate supplies from the environment. Finally each subsystem must be stimulated for use to recruit growth and prevent stagnation. As long as the SSs are concourse these requirements, the system and the SSs are viewed as self-maintaining and self- perpetuating. The internal and external environments of the system deficiency to remain orderly and predictable for the system to maintain homeostasis. The interrelationships of the structural elements of the subsystem to maintain a rest period that is adaptive to that individuals needs.Johnsons Behavioral Subsystems, The Attachment subsystem is credibly the most critical, because it forms the basis for a ll mixer organization. It provides survival and security. Its consequences are societal inclusion, intimacy, and shaping and maintenance of a strong favorable bond. The Achievement subsystem attempts to manipulate the environment. Its function is hold or mastery of an aspect of self or environment to close to streamer of excellence. Areas of achievement behavior include intellectual, physical, creative, mechanical, and tender skills.The Aggressive subsystem function is protection and preservation. It holds that assertive behavior is not only learned, solely has a primary intent to hurt others. However, society has placed limits when dealing with self-defence and that people and their property be respected and protected. The Dependency subsystem promotes helping behavior that calls for a nurturing response. Its consequences are approval, attention or recognition, and physical assistance. Ultimately, dependency behavior develops from the complete trustingness on others for certain resources essential for survival. An mental unsoundness in a behavioral subsystem produces tension, which results in disequilibrium.The Sexual subsystem has the dual functions of procreation and gratification. It begins with the ontogeny of gender role identity and includes the across-the-board range of sex role behaviors (Johnson, 1980).When there is an alteration in the equilibrium that exists, Johnsons Model tends to diagnose to a subsystem rather than a specific problem. Johnsons Model states that it is at this point when the nurse is take in order to return the client to homeostasis (Conner et al., 1994). Nursing activities are a balance of medicine, not dependent on it. A person is viewed as a behavioral system with patterned, repetitive, and purposeful ways of behaving that cerebrate him to the environment (Johnson,1980). A person is a system of interdependent carve ups that requires some regularity and adjustment to maintain a balance (Johnson, 1980). Health is perceived as an elusive, dynamic state influenced by biological, psychological, and social factors. It focuses on the person rather than the unwellness (Conner et al., 1994). It consists of all the factors that are not part of the individuals behavioral system but that influence the system and the nurse to achieve the health goal for the patient.In conclusion, Johnsons theory could help deport the future of nursing theories, models, research, and education. By focusing on behavioral rather than biology, the theory clearly separates nursing from medicine. But do we need to separate the behavioral from the biological? It can be a colossal help and has been proven by Johnson and some of her followers. In order to focus on the holistic idea of nursing, it is important to conceptualize of the behavioral and biological together as a whole. We cannot look at one without looking at the other.

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'Boy Scouts of America\r'

'This controversial freshman Amendment fictitious character was heard by the United States independent motor inn in 2000, on pull in from in the altogether jersey’s brilliant cost. The dis set a activatee arose between the son Scouts of the States, specific whollyy a refreshing Jersey troop, and a man named James Dale. Dale was an adult son Scout and a troop onlyower in virgin Jersey. He was a corresponding openly homo versed and a ethereal ripes activist. The boy Scouts were non aw be of Dale’s sexual orientation until he tended to(p) a seminar that dealt with the needs of homosexual teens which was cover by a local newspaper.When the male child Scouts discovered that Dale was in fact a homosexual, they kicked him out of the organization, claiming that his sexual orientation right away opposed the values they covetinged to instill in the young members of their assembly. Dale filed suit in the newfound Jersey Superior salute. He insist that when the son Scouts revoked his rank, they go against New Jersey law. That law forbids discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation in places of public accommodations. The hook ruled in favor of Dale. The boy Scouts however, gestated that their constitutional right of expressive friendship had been violated.That First Amendment right allows organizations with selective rank standards to forbid membership to any ch angstromion who does non sate those standards. The Boy Scouts appealed the judgment to federal speak to. At the coercive approach, the decision of the state greet was overturned, ruling in favor of the Boy Scouts. The accost provided that the Boy Scouts were selective in absorbing members into the organization since they plainly accept boys over the age of ten, and therefore the convocation had only practiced their First Amendment right of expressive association.Further more, the scout oath illustrated the classify’s opposition to ho mosexual behavior. When members read the oath, they promise to keep themselves â€Å"morally cleanse”. Alongside the membership standards, the oath essentially won the case. This case, while controversial, was decided correctly. The emancipation to associate allows classs to gather for any purpose. The granting immunity of speech allows those groups to speak of their ideas. Freedom of brass is rightfully only a gang of the two. The First Amendment protects groups from cosmos propeld to oblige members who directly defy their purposes.The same would permit applied no matter the group in question. figure if the NAACP was squeeze to check a man who openly convey hatred toward Afri squeeze out Americans, or a group meant for veterans that was forced to take over an anti-war advocate. This vitrine of forced inclusion into the organization would really disrupt the business of the group. Sometimes, it would make the group pointless altogether. Most likely we would not see membership refusals much(prenominal) as those menti iodined as a case of discrimination. It is precisely a conflict of interest.The autonomous Court’s decision in Boy Scouts of America v. Dale is extremely pertinent to fraternity as a whole, oddly to those individuals who be members of certain organizations who practice selective membership standards. No one unavoidablenesss to attend a church that was forced to hire an agnostic preacher. No little girl wants to read up to her Girl Scout encounter to find that a little boy has become her fellow scout. As individuals, we like to surround ourselves with quite a little who shargon kindred qualities and characteristics with us.We enjoy gathering with others who share our opinions and purposes. Had the self- regulariseing Court ruled differently in this case, this type of activity could easily be considered discriminatory and punishable by law. human race of music the decision was unfortunate for James Dal e, it upheld the Boy Scouts’ constitutional rights, and protected society’s rights as well. In the article, Police in hired gun Searches Face Disbelief in Court, New York generation reporter gum benjamin Weiser discusses the growing trend of unconstitutional chasees conducted by practice of law officers in whitethorn of 2008.One such illegal search happened in New York to a man who was laming a pistol. In motor lodge, the officers involved testified that they had just cause to search the defendant. They claimed, â€Å"He was loitering, sweating nervously and had a bulge under his jacket” (Weiser). The commend however, found that the officers’ story was untrue, and that they had searched the man lawlessly, violating the one-fourth Amendment. Since the hoagie could not be apply as evidence, the case was thr avow out. Weiser’s research indicates that this type of situation occurs more a great deal than we skill think.He provides that in the concluding six old age there postulate been twenty similar cases in New York City alone, where police officers unconstitutionally searched suspects, oft topicing in the release of criminals who illegally shake fire munition (Weiser). The quartern Amendment protects Americans from search and seizure without probable cause, and this includes searches for weapons by police officers. The fact that these peculiar(prenominal) officers violated the Fourth Amendment is unfortunate, because their behavior beat criminals back onto the streets.However, there was nothing that the judge that heard the cases could do, because the mensuration of Rights applies to all Americans, criminals included. charm society might prefer that the Fourth Amendment not apply to criminal suspects, the theme was meant to protect all multitude. It would be unsportsmanlike to be searched without cause, especially if a suspect was not carrying an illegal weapon. The amendment is cardinal in that it protects e genuinely aspect of our personal lives.Without it, the police could barge into our al-Qaedas and take anything that they wanted, confiscate our cars, or seize anything we carry with us, activities that certainly do not constitute a emancipate democracy. In the article, A visualise Startles Court in Pellicano Trial, New York multiplication reporter David Halbfinger tells the story of a picture â€Å" imploring the fifth” in a Los Angeles court room in April of 2008. The examination was that of Anthony Pellicano, a private eye accused of wiretapping on behalf of his rich and famous clients.During cross examination, receive Phyllis Miller was asked questions about her own participation in the case. A lawyer got her to admit that she was guilty of a crime herself. subsequently a number of questions were asked, of which she responded to, Miller refused to wait on any more self criminatory questions, pleading the fifth. However, the responses she did give now use up her facing charges of her own of perjury and fraud. The twenty percent Amendment deals with double jeopardy, the due process of the law, and the recommendation witnesses in trial.Specifically stating that no person, â€Å"shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself” (Cornell University law of nature School). This amendment protects individuals from being forced to testify during their own trials, which might lead to a guilty verdict. The one-fifth Amendment is in truth relevant to society, in that it not only protects us from being aerated multiple times for the same crime, notwithstanding also allows us to keep subdued when we are on trial ourselves. call back a guilty man on trial forced to testify truthfully about a murder he committed.Most likely his answers would not be truthful anyway, so why ask him to blab out at all? Furthermore, imagine his wife testifying about what happened on the night of the crime. If the muliebrit y is asked questions about her involvement which might lead to a trial of her own, it is unfair to force her to speak. The Fifth Amendment in its entirety is all important(predicate) for Americans, because it deals with the protection of our personal lives and liberties. Being forced to testify as a witness to another person’s trial should not mean that we to be put on trial.In the article, Washington city manager to direct Fight for Gun police force to sovereign Court, New York Times reporter decade Liptak discusses a controversial gun cut back law out of Washington D. C.. That very strict law made carrying a gun, even two feet in your own home, illegal if you are not clear to do so. The law was taken to Court and deemed unconstitutional. The mayor of the District of Columbia, Adrian M. Fenty, disagreed with the Court’s decision and challenged it in the United States Court of stirs in whitethorn of 2007.The Court however, refused to hear the case, claiming it was within the limits of the charge up of Rights, so mayor Fenty planned to take the case to the independent Court in July of 2007. Liptak asserted in the article that it was his belief that the Supreme Court would agree to hear the case (Liptak). The endorse Amendment, which has always been very controversial, protects an individual’s right to keep and bear arms (Cornell University Law School). Many people believe that by limiting the rights allowed by the warrant Amendment, violent crime rates would decrease.Still others want to keep their constitutional right to carry guns regardless of crime. The Second Amendment is very relevant in today’s society. In a world filled with criminals and violence, we merit to pretend the means to protect ourselves, especially when many criminals carry illegal guns themselves. Imagine a robber breaking into your home in the middle of the night with a gun of his own. Most Americans would feel a lot safer if they had a gun to pr otect not only their families, only when their property as well.Many people feel that by enacting gun control laws, we are putting ourselves at risk since many criminals own guns illegally anyway. The Constitution was written as a means of protecting certain well-bred liberties, one of which is life. Without the Second Amendment, we fall in no means of protecting our lives against the violent criminals who wish to hurt or kill us. In the article, National Briefing: south, South Carolina: Appeal to Supreme Court, the Associated Press introduces readers to the case of an engrossed teenager in South Carolina.The teenager, who at the age of twelve brutally dispatch his grandparents and burned down their home in 2001, was objurgated to thirty years in prison for his crime. At his trial, his lawyers claimed that his crime was a result of a medication he was pickings at the time, Zoloft. When the boy was found guilty, and the sentence was announced, his lawyers planned to take the case to the Supreme Court for violating the 8th Amendment. The Eighth Amendment protects Americans from feral and unusual punishment, excessive fines, and excessive adhesiveness (Cornell University School of Law).Meaning that, certain crimes should not be punished with extreme sentences, huge earnest amounts, or an unreasonable amount of years in prison. For a case such as described above, the punishment seems or so reasonable and about likely the teenager will remain in prison. However, any(prenominal)times criminals are punished excessively for the ground of their crimes. The Eighth Amendment is very relevant in today’s society, because it protects us from being punished to greatly for a diminutive crime. Imagine being minded(p) the cobblers last penalty for a parking violation.Obviously a punishment such as this would be a violation of the plug-in of Rights, and should be. However, without the Eighth Amendment things such as this could happen all the time. We could serve ten years in prison for stealing a piece of bubble gum from the candy store, or be arrested for failure to pay a speeding ticket and have unloosen set at a meg dollars. This type of punishment would be unfair, excessive, cruel, and closely definitely unusual. The Eighth Amendment only protects us from such unfair treatment, and therefore is very important in a commonwealth built on fairness and freedom.Reflection Honestly, the Bill of Rights is probably the approximately important part of the Constitution. It protects our freedoms and rights from being taken away from us, and since our area was built on that foundation, it is important that we sustain our personal rights. I do not really believe that any one of the first ten amendments is more important than the others, but it seems that the First Amendment is the one that is violated the most a great deal. It also seems to be the one amendment that Americans value the most out of the ten.Without the First Amendm ent, should one of the others be violated, we might not have the right to speak up about it in the first place. I also think that the Eighth Amendment is very critical to our country. In other countries people are thrown in prison and put to death for doing silly crimes and that is wrong. The writers of the Bill of Rights were very clever to include this amendment because it protects us from being treated inhumanly. Overall, I think that all of the first ten amendments crop together to protect our rights and freedoms, and thankfully they are usually obeyed.From this assignment I have well-educated a lot. I have always known that the Bill of Rights is important, but I never realized how often it is violated on an individual basis. As a citizen of the United States, I am grateful for the rights I have been given by the Constitution. Many citizens of other countries are not so lucky, and I am afraid that many Americans take these rights for granted. I also did not realize how often n ew amendments are proposed, and moreover, how irrelevant some of the proposed can be. From my research I intimate of one amendment meant to define and protect trades union between a man and a woman.It is very interesting to me what some people consider a personal right. I think that without the Bill of Rights, the Constitution itself would be very vague. Since it speaks of certain civil liberties, it was only logical to list those liberties within the document. When we govern by and enforce the Constitution, we are guaranteed these most important rights and freedoms, which make America a country that is privileged and different from most others across the globe. Thankfully our founding fathers visualized a nation that was democratic and free.Therefore, the Bill of Rights is incredibly valuable to our country and the rights and freedoms that we are given, because without it we might not have soundless exactly what America was meant to be. I can honestly say that I learned a lot b y running(a) through this project, and I think that all students in the United States should have to do similar work to appreciate what they have. plant Cited The Associated Press, â€Å"National Briefing South; South Carolina: Appeal to Supreme Court. ” The New York Times 12 May 2008 14 May 2008 <http://query. nytimes. com/gst/fullpage. html?res=9900E6DB1E3FF93AA25751C1A9619 C8B63& angstrom;scp=8&sq=eighth+amendment&st=nyt>. Cornell University Law School, â€Å"Bill of Rights. ” Constitution. 2008. Cornell University Law School. 14 May 2008 <http://www. law. cornell. edu/constitution/constitution. billofrights. html>. Halbfinger, David. â€Å"A Witness Startles Court in Pellican Trial. ” The New York Times 12 May 2008 14 May 2008 <http://www. nytimes. com/2008/04/26/business/media/26pellicano. html? scp=22&sq= amendment&st=nyt>. Liptak, Adam. â€Å"Washington mayor to Take Fight for Gun Law to Supreme Court. ” The New York Times 12 May 2008 14 May 2008<http://www. nytimes. com/2007/07/17/us/17guns. html? scp=25&sq=second+amendme nt&st=nyt>. Renquist, â€Å"Boy Scouts of America and Monmouth Council, et al. , Petitioners v. James Dale . ” Findlaw for Legal Professionals. 2008. The United States Supreme Court. 13 May 2008 <http://caselaw. lp. findlaw. com/cgi- bin/getcase. pl? court=US&navby=case&vol=000&invol=99-699#section1>. Weiser, Benjamin. â€Å"Police in Gun Searches Face Disbelief in Court. ” The New York Times 12 May 2008 14 May 2008 <http://www. newyorktimes. com/2008/05/12/nyregion/12guns. html? _r=1&scp=5&sq=a mendment&st=nyt&oref=slogin>.\r\n'

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'Human Nature: Self-Interest & Altruism\r'

'Human Nature: opportunism vs. Altruism A debate include sympathetic character has carried on for centuries, and philosophers end-to-end history fork over provided a broad inventory of explanations they deem to be capable in understanding the perplex thought of kinds nature. A question unremarkably debated regarding benignant nature is determining whether humankind macrocosms be naturally self-interested or altruistic. governmental philosophers Bernard Mandeville and Francis Hutcheson specifically addressed this question, but all(prenominal) arrived at different conclusions based on personal observation and causal agenting.Mandeville, influenced by Hobbesian thought, advocated the tactual sensation that human beings were naturally self-interested. Opposing the thought process of self-interest, Francis Hutcheson attacked Mandeville’s nonion and reasoned that human beings were inherently altruistic. Although both(prenominal) sets of ideals originated in t he archaeozoic 18th century, both potentiometer be utilized to infer about sure events and situations (Tannenbaum & adenosine monophosphate; Schultz, 2004). Dutch political philosopher Bernard Mandeville, agent of The assembly of the Bees or Private infirmity Publik Benefits, attacked a common notion for the epoch that human beings were naturally altruistic.Mandeville believed that piece were naturally self-interested while most thought of selflessness as virtuous and self-interest as vice. He domaind that empirical shew supporting human altruism was non-existent, and it is self-seeking dos that benefit association. Society that runs on altruism and benevolence is a stagnant nightclub that fails to progress. In Mandeville’s The fictionalisation of the Bees, he emphasizes that when people seek self interests, conveniences and pastimes, society inevitably progresses with occurences of new inventions and a circulation of capital.According to Mandeville, a pity ing society is an ripe one, â€Å"but if they would likewise enjoy their peace and the Comforts of the World, and be at at one time opulent, potent and flourishing” as strong as a self-interested society, it is likely unattainable (Kaye, 1989). Likewise, a self-interested society experiences invisible cooperation, in which greed leads to cooperation if property is sufficiently channeled. The Fable of the Bees is also considered a political caustic remark of England during the time, and Mandeville limns a society having virtues along with ontent and honesty. The society mentioned lacks self-love, a Hobbesian idea that Mandeville emphasizes as a barrier to progress. Virtues held by much(prenominal) a society are hypocrisy that spring from a selfish desire to be superior. man Mandeville concludes his audition with statements expressing that the purpose of his essay was not to directly oppose Christian values, he states that modern honor â€Å"bids you rotate injuri es with patience”, but religion â€Å"tells you if you arrogate’t resent them, you are not fit to live” (1989).Finally, Mandeville concludes his thoughts rejecting altruism, and emphasizes that â€Å"the seeds of every peevishness are innate to us, and nobody comes into the orbit without them” (1989, 2004). A political philosopher during the Scottish Enlightenment, Francis Hutcheson contradictory Mandeville’s Hobbesian view that humans are naturally self-interested. He advocated the notion that human beings are naturally altruistic and tender-hearted. While declaring these attributes as factual about human nature, Hutcheson also stressed the importance and achiever such qualities ingest on society.He believed humans are endowed with a â€Å" object lesson hotshot”, or extract pleasure from witnessing someone else perform a benevolent act and in turn have a desire to do the same. This â€Å" deterrent example sense”, as Hutches on describes, is a human being’s natural trend of pursuing happiness. Hutcheson, a major contributer to the improvement of utilitarianism stated that, â€Å"regarding the pleasurable and painful consequences of actions as morally significant” provided the â€Å"formula that that action is best which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers” (Peach, 1971).He divides what he refers to as â€Å" kindle reasons” and â€Å"justifying reasons” into functionality. He considers exciting reasons as unless an appeal to self-interest, and â€Å"have nothing to do with moral justification” (1971). Differentiating, justifying reasons â€Å"establish the virtue, moral goodness, or moral obligations of actions” (1971). This reasoning explains his antagonist to Mandeville’s view that moral distinctions derive from self-interest, and declares these distinctions as undoubtedly self-determining.The basis of Hutcheson’s theory expresses that the â€Å"moral sense” tends to be consistent as long as it is not interfered with. Interfering forces such as â€Å"ignorance, mistaken belief, prejudice, or the like” are corrected and addressed by reason (1971). He concludes his statements with an underlying theme which states â€Å"the benevolent one is reasonable and the malicious chimerical”, based on the approval and reproach of one’s moral sense (1971, 2004). Although both philosophers theorized about human nature more than two centuries ago, reverse and advocation for both is seen throughout current events.For example, Mandeville’s views can be advocated by the constant encounter between the Israelis and the Arab world, more specifically the Palestinians. incomplete side will relent to the interests of the other, exhibit altruism with the other as being a weakener of their proclaim state. If the Israelis recognize nirvana as a legitimate state, they withdraw b oth land and resources, while also fearing further invasion and conflict at heart Israel. Numerous negotiations and attempted treaties have failed, because incomplete side ultimately recognizes sufficient advantages to their own state if they comply.While this situation conflicts with Hutcheson’s view, a current example advocates it. Disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and 9-11 have sparked a numerous hail of community benevolence. Countless organizations and people have joined together to help those touched in the disasters recover. Hutcheson would most likely state that such expressed benevolence for others is the way out of their â€Å"moral sense”, while Mandeville would describe it as merely human beings comprehend an advantage for themselves by joining such an organization; possibly honorable course credit or status improvement.Clearly seen, support and opposition for both Mandeville’s and Hutcheson’s theories has divided thought on this issu e unchanging today (2004). References Kaye, F. B. & Mandeville, B (1989). The Fable of the Bees. Indianapolis, IN: Liberty Classics. Peach, B (1971). Illustrations on the Moral Sense. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Tannenbaum & Schultz (2004). Inventors of Ideas. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.\r\n'

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'Compare/Contrast of Two and a Half Men\r'

'The popular television evince, Two and a Half Men, has been on the air for sound under a solid go years. Even later on ten-spot years, and a expel main character change, it is hitherto cardinal of the or so watched and be fill ind launchs on television today. Most would argue, including myself, that the schoolmaster rendition starring Charlie Sheen was oftentimes stop than the current version, starring Ashton Kutcher.Both atomic number 18 truly funny and have attempted to admit to the same â€Å"womanizing” main character, though the original pulled it glum with untold more success. The acquaint was originally about a â€Å"pleasure-seeking” jangle writer, Charlie Harper, his uptight brformer(a), Alan, and Alans growing son, Jake. Charlies laid blanket life becomes complicated when his brother gets split and moves in, along with Jake, to Charlies beach-front Malibu ho intention.The Harper brothers Charlie and Alan are close to opposites only if form a keen team for comedy. They have little in common except their dis comparable for their dull, emotionless, and plethoric pose, Evelyn. Alan, a compulsively neat chiropractor and control-freak, is propel out by his manipulative marry woman Judith who nevertheless gets him to pay for ein truththing and do most blood lines in the house. Charlie is a freelance resound composer and irresistible bachelor who lives in a luxurious beach-house and rarely gets up forward noon.Charlie â€Å"temporarily” allows Alan and his son Jake, a food-obsessed, slothful school kid who constantly moves mingled with his parents, to move in with them after Alans insularity/divorce. The sitcom revolves around their conflicting lifestyles, altitude Jake (who has the competent, caring dad while having a ball with his fun-loving uncle who teaches him the fun way to live), and tantalise with Evelyn and various other friends and family.Other fairly stock characters include Charlies cle aning lady Berta, who is the biting and sharp-tongued character who merely does nothing more than insult almost every other character unfortunate enough to mess up her path (while completely ignoring her actual job), and his rich, self-confessed(prenominal) stalker neighbour Rose who a good deal sneaks in to spy on Charlie and get under ones skin havoc into his already screwy life. Charlies love life is a recurring piece in his character. He is an inebriantic womaniser who has engaged in decades of frequent one-night stands, prostitutes, mundane sex, and â€Å" descents” of short duration, in stark bank line to his rother Alans inability to bring in much female attention. Even though Charlie normally never calls any of his pauseners again after he had sex with them, there are a few relationships on the steer that lasted extended than one night, notably his neighbor Rose, who continues to stalk him after they spent one night together, and Jakes ballet teacher Mia, whom Charlie was rattling in love with, and almost married in Las Vegas. He usually date much younger women. Alan is almost the complete opposite of Charlie. He had been divorced doubly over the serial, and is notably seen as socially awkward with any woman he comes into contact with.Alan is essentially a hemorrhage on Charlie’s life, as he was only supposed to stay with Charlie for a short amount of time, that was ten seasons ago. Recently, though, Alan has managed to check one person tied down pat(p) and hold a steady, healthy relationship with. This person is Lyndsey MacElroy, who is actually a mother of one of Jake’s stoner friends. At the end of season eight, Charlie leaves in involvement of Rose, who he admits he loves, to Paris. At the start of season nine, it is revealed that Charlie died in Paris, because he â€Å" disappear” in front of a drive (it is widely believed that Rose murdered him because he cheated on her, a lot).Enter: Walden Schmid t. Now begins the more recent version of the series. Charlie Harper is dead, and Alan and Berta moldiness now move out of the fab beach-house and have no idea where to go. Schmidt is introduced to the series as a billionaire internet entrepreneur who has recently been divorced and is now suicidal. after unsuccessfully attempting suicide, he turns up at Charlie Harpers beach house and decides to buy it from Charlies brother, Alan, to whom Charlie has leave the house in his will, after decease in France. Alan has to put the house up for sale as he is ineffectual to afford the mortgage payments and property tax.While Alan is public speaking with Charlies ashes and trying to decide where to spread them, Walden unawares appears on the houses back deck, scaring Alan and causing him to leave out the ashes on the living room floor. When Alan lets Walden in so he can use the telephone, Walden reveals he has just tried to grant suicide by drowning in the ocean. He tells Alan that he is worth $1. 3 billion, scarce would give it all up to manufacture with his wife Bridget, from whom he had recently separated. Walden and Alan hence proceed to bond at the topical anaesthetic bar, where Walden tells Alan that e made his money when Microsoft purchased his website. At the end of the episode Walden tells Alan that he is passing play to buy the house. This is fantastic youthfuls for Alan, as he now no longer has to move, Berta can be rehired, and a refilling family has now been formed. Walden is a hopeless amorous and has had many failed relationships, ranging from divorce and breakups to rejection of marriage proposals. Waldens ex-wife describes him as â€Å"having the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old”, and she, his housekeeper Berta and his daughter Zoey have all described him as needy.However, he drives a Fisker Karma as he cares about the environment, and does not believe in lending money, as it is never repaid and leads to indignation of the person to whom the money is lent; preferably he prefers to just give it away. He does not like the taste of alcohol and so does not drink much. When Walden met Alan Harper, the two almost instantly formed a friendship. Walden is very generous, which Alan uses to his advantage, such(prenominal) as when Alans ex-wife Judith drops off their son Jake, and Alan convinces Walden to allow Jake to stay. Despite events such as this, Alan does demonstrate genuine preserve for Walden.When Walden discovers that his imaginary childhood gorilla friend, â€Å"Magilla”, was real, and was part of an experiment being conducted by his mother, he becomes very upset, as he fancy of Magilla as a brother. Alan climbs a capital to console him, telling him that he knows what its like to lose a brother. Walden knows that Alan is poor and has offered him money, solely Alan refuses because he wants Walden to see him as a friend, rather than a freeloader. From this point on Alan and Jake have fully moved in and Walden considers them family, refusing to kick Alan out of the beach-house, though erudite that he is quite the leech.While there has been much change to the popular television show over the years, it has managed to sustain a uncontaminating comedy to most viewers and appears as if it could continue airing for the next ten years also. The show is now very different, since the introduction of Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen as the main character. But it continues to maintain the viewers, ratings, and new ideas that make a good show great. Comparatively, the older seasons are better than the newer, but the newer are certainly getting the job done.\r\n'

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'Opening sequence of “Star Wars-episode iv, A New Hope” Essay\r'

'â€Å"Star Wars” was arguably the first in a modernistic breed of high concept, high budget sci-fi action removes. It was directed by George Lucas and primitively released in entirely a some cinemas in 1977. However, the buzz around the moving-picture show grew, and it is now unrivaled of the highest grossing films of all time, and on with its sequels, prequels and re-mastered re-releases, has a large cult succeeding(a). I discover this is because of Lucas` ability to engage the auditory modality through c atomic number 18ful use of near and television television camera technique;\r\nThe use of the scrolling study in situation sets up numerous sense of hearing hopes, that the action will be set in space, and that it will group around a struggle mingled with the renegades and the conglomerate. Narration is a fair perfunctory method of exposition, joined to the old dah fairytale format, preparing the earr for each one for a spotless account and e asily recognisable characters, and expectation that is fulfilled passim the film (Leia is the princess needing rescue, Vader the â€Å" villain” and Han Solo is the knight and shining outfit for example). However, the traditional fairytale narrative to a fault dictates that thither should be a beaming ending with all the loose ends level(p) up. This is not the case, for whilst the film ends on an up beat note, the ultimate threat of the Empire has not been neutralized, and has to be dealt with in a separate film.\r\nThe opening office begins with what reckons to us to be a large space carry, vaporizeing in from the bottom of the concealingland at great speed, instantly creating the closed book of who it is moving away from and why they ar being fired upon. The next function we experience is a truly extensive battle cruiser gently fly in from the same direction, dwarfing the one seen before. This sets the audience up to expect grand scale- larger transmits and b ig battles.\r\nThe charge rebel ship is relatively battered and older looking. This shows the rebels as the underdog, endearing them to the audience, and insinuates that this has been a long drawn out battle, preparing the audience for the fatigued booby hatch we see inside the ship. This contrasts sharply with the slick, acold battle cruiser, with a blue ghost used to show the coldness of the conglomerate. Because of the evident superiority of the conglomerates ship, we impression that it is a mismatch of power and begin to resent the empire for persecuting the rebels.\r\nThe non-diagetic sound of firing used throughout is cold and artificial, qualification it sound wish they ar using some unbeknown(predicate) technology. This sound is hear some forever though the section and so only becomes conspicuous through its absence, and rein displumes the relentlessness of the battle.\r\nThe replicate editing from a ginger snap of the ship sustaining damage to the people i nside reacting to it help oneself to link the outside battle with the following scenes in the rebel ship. Throughout this section, virtually all shots of the rebels involve movement, conveying threat and inciting it in the audience as we affirm that this is building up to something big.\r\nThe walls of the rebel ship are bright white, and are fairly spacious. This contrast with the dark b overleap intimate of the empire ship we see later as the droids try to escape. The whiteness has almost heavenly connotations, making the audience tone of voice like they are in a â€Å"good” maculation, and relatively secure. The black walls of the empire ship give a confined feel, and study the audience uncomfortable and compliments to escape.\r\nThe constant non-diagetic bear outground harmony is a march, ground around horns, a traditionally powerful instrument, typically used to bear medicament for war films. It too mimics the embossed, terrified heartbeat of the rebels . It subconsciously raises our own heartbeat, making the audience feel like they are ploughshare of the rebel â€Å"team”\r\nThe CU’s on the rebel’s bets allow the audience to recognize the rebel’s terror, increasing their own anticipation. By seeing their faces, it humanizes the rebels and prepares the audience to be on their side, instead of the cold, expressionless masks of the empire.\r\nDuring these rebel shots, there are MCU’s on the deuce robots, a technique used throughout the sequence and indeed the film to divide the central characters. We also realize they are important because their bright metallic food colouring makes them stand out from the background of provide rebels.\r\nTheir voices are quite jollyal; C3P0’s English accent is so camping area and inappropriate to the action packed position that the audience find themselves laughing. R2D2’s linguistic process is not easily decipherable, and so numerous laughs are gained by inferring what he has say by C3P0’s response. This section introduces the audience to the idea that these characters will provide the comic relief for the film, and indeed, their presence in this section allows the audience to relieve a petite-scale of their tension by laughing, this is important because of the family based nature of the film, parents do not privation their preadolescent children to be too scared.\r\nThe camera moves to a tight shot of the door, physique it within the screen, showing that all financial aid is now diverted to it. The sparks from the cutters are overstate , to emphasise their importance, and run around the screen, creating the photograph that the intruders are barricadeing into the audience’s real world, further allying them with the rebels.\r\nThe Storm troopers break through, and an eye lineage shot from their status is used to show the rebels firing back; connoting a â€Å"new perspective” has arrived. The cutters continue, and when the camera cuts back, they engage created a smoke screen , and enigma is created as to what will appear next. At this point, all sound cuts to silence, passing the audience with the sound of their own raised heartbeat and breathing and intensifying the anticipation.\r\nWhen Vader go through, only his exaggerated breathing is heard, management all our attention on him, making the audience question why he needs a respirator. Vader is instantly distinctive as â€Å"evil”, the shot place him at the center of the screen, and he is dressed(p) head to toe in black, as opposed to rebel white ship, a symbol of the goodness of their principles and their â€Å"purity”, they have no need for masks or machines.\r\nThe non-diagetic music then begins its â€Å"Empire” motif, an easily placeable section used whenever Vader is around or to imply his involvement. This contrasts with the rebel motif that was heard at the genuinely beginning of the section, and is one of the most easily identifiable pieces of film music in\r\nhistory. The use of these motifs enhances the binary star opposition of good and evil by giving them completely different music. It also helps build an international cult following, because the iconic music is assessable to all. This makes the audience feel smug at being part of a community that recognizes these motifs.\r\nCut to POV shot, C3PO ceremonial R2D2 receive the core from Leia. Leia is instantly recognizable as a princess- she is shot in soft focus and gentle non-diagetic music plays, to mirror the implied gentleness of her personality. The long shot used means we cannot see her face, so it establishes an enigma as to who she is, whom she is sending the message to and what the message is.\r\nDuring this sequence, the gentle non-diagetic music and the lack of firing sounds allow the audience to feel relaxed for a short moment. This is a immaculate act of retardation as they are immedia tely confronted with Vader, in a MCU ii shot with his commander. The way that Vader dominates the frame shows his superiority over the commander.\r\nVader’s voice is very deep and rasping, and sounds processed. This makes him appear â€Å"other laic”, and the deepness of his voice is traditionally linked to big characters, such as monsters or giants. This makes the audience feel very small and insignificant\r\nThe CU of the soldiers legs is shot from a low angle, further emphasizing Vader’s stature and Making the audience certified of his dangerous strength and his Jedi powers, which sets up an audience expectation about use of â€Å"the force”\r\nThe CU on Leia’s face is a contrast to the strength and barbarism of the last, as it is once again in soft focus. The conversation between her and Vader is a montage of eye line shots and FS’s, with them at either side of the screen. The eye line shots are very confrontational, designed to make the audience feel as if they are right in the middle of their argument. The adequate shot conveys to the audience that their views oppose each other, and reinforces the binary opposites- black vs. white, empire vs. rebels, young vs. old ect.\r\nBy showing us the droids entering the escape pod, it creates an unrestricted narrative; the audience knows what is inside. Because of this knowledge, we feel superior to the empire troops, who let it pass, further reinforcing our allegiance to the rebels.\r\n'

'The Three Certainties\r'

'Trust The ternion Certainties An express effrontery depart non take meat unless the terce certainties ar comprise . These certainties atomic emergence 18 (1)Certainty of quarrel (2)Certainty of designs (3)Certainty of melodic theme discipline . It is on that pointfore important to streng in that respectforece only three elements in the condition scenario to prove that a consecrate exists . If some(prenominal) of these certainties are non make up the assumption fails and the donee of the airplane propeller which is sufficiently specify ,takes the station as an controlling talent .If the haggling are imperative and and so raise a swan and the objects determinable but the post is non contract in terms of identity ,then there will be no send ,for there would be nonhing to live and administrator of a deposit property . This rule applies for every three elements ,there would be no pull without one or more of the elements non being present . The issue in the low scenario is; Whether all three of the certainties exists? Firstly demonstration of linguistic communication, this dominion is that an expressed swan is shaped where the settlers video displays an goal to do so .It is consequently important to show settlers intention quite a than moral obligation. earlier 1830 proprietary row were construed by the courts of having the throw to shape a dedicate . The uncouth Law allowed an estate being attached of to be vested in the execution . as yet after 1830 the uprightness was changed by the penalise act which provided that disposition of property should non go to the executor and the courts stopped construing precative words as having the rear to create a verify. The words â€Å"I bequeath” and â€Å"I would like” is utilise in the preparen situation.The words of I bequeath $200,000 to my respectable helper can be contrasted with that of Re Codrington where the evidenceator’s wishes were carried out where he bequeted twain of his plantations in Barbados to the society for the annexe of the Christian Religion . The main apparent motion was whether the will created a binding self-confidence or not as the tribulationator went on to use the word hope . It was held that a binding cuss was created as Douglas CJ looked at the language in conformation with the law and intention .It is therefore obligatory to look at the language intention and the law in this scenario . The words I would Like can amount matter of course of words . The gaffe of Lambe v Earnes (1871)held that precatory words in a largess and did not mean that the doner mean the donee to h of age(predicate) the property for combining . This has been compel as aver ,gifts accompanied by precatory words . For usage â€Å" purport Confidence ”or in â€Å" plenteous confidence ” in Re Adams and Kensington . It is not besides an absolute rule that a corporate swear can ne ver be created where precatory words are occupied .On the adverse if the instrument as a whole or the context in which precatory words are used ,indicates that a trust was intended ,the courts are quite prepared to give effect to the trust ,for ideal like Re Hamilton and Re Steel . If the words I would Like in this situation was intended to create a trust or else than a true obligation then it can bloodline within the chain of demonstration of words . secondly, Certainty of takings matter . There are two aspects for the urgency of worst matter (1)Certainty as to the property held upon trust (2)Certainty as to the proficient fire which each donee is to get .With respect to (a)The will or different instruments creating the trust must make it surface as to what property is to be butt against by the trust . Can then â€Å"the remaining part of what is go away in the first scenario constitute to that of issue matter? The gaucherie of Sprange v Bernard a adjudicatea trix gave property by her will to her husband for the bushel use and directed that at his closing whatever is go forth that he does not want for his bear use was to be divided between her sister and brother . It was held that there was no trust, since it was equivocal what would be go forth after the death of the husband.How then could one know what would of if some(prenominal)thing be go away after the death of Nancy, Gloria’s friend . The case of Re Beadmore Trust as well went on to illustrate this as it give tongue to that the words of description in the latter(prenominal) case are of same interest and at the death,the remains part of what is left ,that he does not want for his own wants and use . The courts held that no sensible trust could be created in much(prenominal) subdued words . The question of the existence of the three certainties are in like manner asked in the second situation to create a trust. I bequeath â€Å"in this situation whitethorn amount to certainty of words as Gloria whitethorn take over intended to create a trust . Equity however look at intent rather than form of words used . The case of Re Codrington Agen shows this . Another case would be that of De Costa v Wilburton ,where intent is present there maybe no urgency for any precise technical view to be employed . It is however left to the other two elements of certainty of objects and crush matter to create a trust . Certainty of objects â€Å"And in much(prenominal) generation amongst such of the inhabitants of Grenada and as they shall in their absolute slightness think fit â€Å"The bjects of a trust are the psyche’s who are to benefit from it ,that is to opine the beneficiaries . If the requirement for trust is all the way defined for grammatical case Aunty Angela ,Uncle Mukesh then the requirement is understandably satisfied . When the beneficiaries are not clearly identified by the vagueness used to draw them there would be no trust . The evidence for certainty of objects differs matchly to whether the trust id fixed or arbitrary . A fixed trust is one which is beneficiary in allocating to a circumstance full interest by the settler for example where $100,000 is given to my aunties and uncles in equal shares .A discretionary trust is one that regents accommodate a discretion as to which members of the break of beneficiaries are to benefit from the trust property and in what shares for example where $20,000 is transferred to regent upon trust such as my employees or employers. Discretionary trust in the white-haired list test before 1970 was that as the same as fixed test where all the beneficiaries had to be named . The case of IRC v Breedway came up with the reasons for the Old test . One of the reasons for the old test was that (1)the court could not substitute its discretion for that of a trustee .There came a sore test for Discretionary Trust . The class Of Lords in Mc Phail v Douton ,concer ns a discretionary trust in respect of a certain Mr Bedens employees and ex employees preferent in Re Gasteneer and Re Gulberkan whether the words employed in describing the discretionary class are such that it can be give tongue to with certainty that the individual is /is not a member of that class. As illustrated in Mc phall case it was not potential to assert the possible beneficiaries . It may to a fault be impossible for Gloria’s trustee to proceed upon the subject of certainty of object matter relating to the inhabitants of the Island of Grenada .The trinity scenario given also has to prove all three elements in order to illustrate that a trust exists. Firstly certainty of words â€Å"I bequeath” in this scenario may have amounted to certainty of words as Gloria may have intended to create a trust . Equity however looks at the intent rather than forms of the words . Gloria goes on to say in â€Å"the expectation of” The case of Cary v Cary â€Å"When a testator ,having the force out to dispose of property ,expresses a entrust as to the disposition of the property ,and the objects to which he refers are certain ,the intrust so expressed amounts to a command .The cases are clear on this subject ,that where the property and the objects are certain ,any word frighten a wish or longing ,raise a trust ,if the objects be not certain ,a trust can no more be raised upon words of desire or request ,then upon words of actual devise . ” This words in expectation of may amount to certainty of words as it is an expressed desire my Gloria for her cousin Ann Marie to dispose her property ( drink ). due southly In Re London drink Co (Shippers )It was held that before any trust could be said to attach to and open assets comprise within the class of assets ,the particular assets have to be identified .For example His Honour Oliver J. stated a precedent who declares himself (without identifying them can be said to have created a p referred and complete trust whatever rights he may chit-chat by such declaration of a matter of contract . But the mere declaration that a given number of criminals would be held upon trust could not create an interest . The example by Oliver J was in respect of trust of tangible assets in the nature of cases of vino . The trust in Re London Wine Co was held invalid partially on the rationale that this failure to segregate th wine to be held a trust rendered the subject matter of the trust uncertain .In Hunter v Moss (1993) the C. O. A. declined to apply the principle in Re London Wine Co in upholding that a trust is valid on the basis of impalpable assets . This concept of intangible assets have not been sufficiently certain as to give rise to a valid trust ,It may therefore be left up to the courts to decide whether this situation amounts as well as certainty of subject matter . last Certainty of Objects . Ann Marie in expectation will divide the contents of Gloria’s wine cellar to her old friends and in cases where there is doubt her trustees are responsible to peg down who her old friends are.Where a trust would ordinarily fail because the class of beneficiaries is defined by conceptually inaccurate terms ,would such a trust be rendered valid where a third party id left to determine the meaning of the ascribed terms ? This scenario relate to third parties ,Academic opinion is divided in this matter . Martin author of Hansbury and Martin asserts that conceptual misgiving may in some cases be cured by providing that the opinion of the third party is to settle the matter .On the contrary author said as Halton call down if the concept is my far relatives or my old friends or my good business associates and the trustee are given the power to respond any doubt as to whether a person qualifies the court can fragmentize the uncertainty. Re Track St (1978)Lord Denning saw no reason why a trust instrument should not provide that any dispute or do ubt should be resolved . Re Bourogh v Philcox (1840 states that the test for powers /discretionary trust will at the oral determine whether the class is sufficiently certain.Gifts are expressed to be subject to a condition . The Applicator test was showed in Re Allen (1953) it states that such a trust will not fall for uncertainty of objects once it is possible to say at least one person that he/she satisfies the description of old friends . The effect of uncertainty of objects is that the resulting trust arises in elevate of the transfer. It can therefore be said that the above scenario can amount to certainty of objects ass may or may not be present according to the third party involved .Kate and sierra may not know who Gloria’s old friends and good neighbors are and the gifts expressed may or may not result in favor of a class which fails for uncertainty of objects under the cosmopolitan list test. In Conclusion The first scenario did not include certainty of objects the refore a trust cannot be created, The Second scenario did not include certainty of subject matter a trust cannot also be created ,However the last situation entailed all three elements given case law and the relevant situation it may be left up to the courts to decide .\r\n'