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Forum Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Forum - Article Example lude  how to  house  them, provision of quality health care services to the refugees, and protecting the refugees from the  county  they are running away from and the dangers that they are facing.   The issue of helping the refugees has complicated by the fact that the hosting countries have got their own policies which they have to  twist  so as to cater for the refugees.  The countries have to stoop quite low and be able to cater for the refugees as a way of promoting the human rights. They have to  sponsor  the refugees and ensure that the refugee camps  are well equipped  and that the refugees are able to get food supplies, the hosting government should ensure that they are remarkably able to receive quality health care services to the refugees and also provide the refugees with adequate security (Hollenbach 78). For all governments to be able to keep the refugees in their countries, they  need  to  put  their policies in a way that will ensure better  accommodation  to the refugees and ensure that their human rights  are taken  care of in a good way (Hollenbach

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How to Write a Research Paper With Subtopics

How to Write a Research Paper With SubtopicsIf you've been at this awhile, you'll have no trouble recognizing how difficult it is to write a research paper with subtopics. It takes the eye of the writer and makes it a very involved task. If you're not careful, you could end up with a paper that is much too long and that's not what you want.To be able to write a research paper with subtopics, you must keep in mind what your purpose is. In general, your purpose is to give readers a way to view the full scope of what you've learned. A topic also serves as a pivot for several other topics. The same is true of the topic.One thing to keep in mind is that how to write a research paper with subtopics isn't really the trick. As you delve into your topic, you'll come across different perspectives. How to write a research paper with subtopics is not about finding one way to argue against another. That's not how research papers are supposed to work.As you get more into your research, you'll find that how to write a research paper with subtopics will become less relevant. At that point, you'll have to develop a deeper research process. You'll have to turn your attention to where the truth lies. If you're not careful, you might also find that it's hard to figure out how to come up with ideas that will support your thesis. It's a challenge that can be overcome.A typical note that outlines how to write a research paper with subtopics comes from an economist named Kenneth Rogoff. He uses it in his book 'The Curse of Knowledge' to explain the real issue with most financial models. They're based on assumptions that aren't always true. They are also much too optimistic. If they assumed everything was perfect, it would mean they were underestimating how far inflation would go. That's why you don't want to overlook how to write a research paper with subtopics.Another method to make sure how to write a research paper with subtopics is to make sure that you've already looked at the bi g picture. You need to identify all of the relevant factors and their relationship to the big picture. You need to identify how your own conclusions could help improve the outlook for others. It's a process that requires perseverance, which is something you should think about when you are getting ready to write your paper.You can start right now to formulate ways to approach how to write a research paper with subtopics. As you do so, you'll also start to see why you shouldn't just focus on the narrow edges of your research. Doing so will take you away from the big picture. Your focus on the short-term may actually cause you to make errors that will ruin your results.

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The Secret of Gre Essay Topics Example That No One Is Discussing

The Secret of Gre Essay Topics Example That No One Is Discussing Our writers will make certain you are totally pleased with the last version. The essay could have a very bad outlook and contain a whole lot of typographical errors. At some stage, you're likely to be requested to compose an argumentative essay. An excellent argumentative essay is going to be based on established or new research in place of only on your ideas and feelings. You should develop a very good argument, which encompasses not just your primary point, but also all the pieces which make this up. As stated earlier, the scenario will always be shown in the exact same way. You won't be requested to write about a particular topic so much as you'll be requested to respond to a certain scenario. Things You Should Know About Gre Essay Topics Example You'll receive a personalized score report highlighting your strengths and regions of improvement. Every time you make an attempt to sit down to compose the essay examples, you wind up pre-occupied with different things affecting the caliber of work that you write. You will need to take many different factors under consideration, if you're looking to get anywhere near the ideal score. Naturally, it's one of the most significant aspects, but it isn't the only component. Some folks claim that the purpose of politics ought to be the pursuit of an ideal. Other men and women claim this in order to be p roductive, a leader has to be willing and ready to cooperate with other individuals. Topic 2 A nation should require all its students to study the exact national curriculum till they enter college instead of allow schools in various portions of the nation to establish which academic courses to provide. Students who find they lack the skills required to research and formulate decent essay topic ideas should look at getting assistance from our experts. You may observe that many Issue Essay prompts make statements that are hard to completely support. An answer to any other issue will get a score of zero. The Most Popular Gre Essay Topics Example Practice brainstorming plenty of different essay prompts from the ETS website to get accustomed to coming up with examples that you may use to support your viewpoint. Questions are a standard direction of getting interest, along with evocative language or a strong statistic Don't assume your audience is already acquainted with your topic. There are dozens and dozens of mock essays on the net, and with a very simple google search, you can get access to different essays for the GRE. Should you want, highlight the important words and phrases in the stimulus to have the ability to look at it from time to time to be sure you adhere to the topic. Gre Essay Topics Example - the Conspiracy The first part of the essay we'll analyze is the way that it succeeds in identifying and examining the pieces of the argument that relate to the job. Consider your essay is limited in regard to word count. At this time you must understand that writing a great gre essay is dependent on the kind of topic you pick, so you must consider certain things before you decide on a topic. At that stage, you can begin writing full length practice essays. At this time you've got to be in a position to understand the differences between both topics you'll be presented with. When you work with us, you're guaranteed that every one of the samples and topics will be customized to fit your purposes. The experts must also know the a variety of formatting styles that ought to be utilised in different papers. The topics are supposed to be accessible to all test-takers. If You Read Nothing Else Today, Read This Report on Gre Essay Topics Example Essays shouldn't be written carelessly. The essay topic ideas are passed through an effective Copyscape application to make sure that it's not plagiarized. Since you may see, the longer the essay, the greater the grades. The essay graders understand that you simply get 30 minutes to compose each AWA essay and in addition, they know that you won't have the ability to cover every potential argument, reason and rebuttal. Most students find it hard to write various kinds of essays. However you get ready for the essays, make sure you at least write a couple of each type before you take the actual GRE. There are quite a lot of websites which can help you in evaluating your essays and also in supplying you with useful GRE sample essays. Substance matters more than every other aspect in regards to your essays. To practice writing awa essays all you want to do is. The writing sample is a far lower priority than GRE prep, therefore we recommend that you jump ahead to the GRE program. There are many websites which also list absolutely free GRE test questions practice on them. The very first point to do before you get started searching for GRE sample essays is to comprehend what the Analytical Writing test section is about. If writing essays isn't your forte, then you must sit up and take stock of the sum of preparation that you'll need for getting an excellent score in the Analytical Writing test section of the GRE.

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The Secret of Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved No One Is Talking About

The Secret of Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved No One Is Talking About The Do's and Don'ts of Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved Furthermore, applicants to the Schreyer Honors College must finish all the next essay prompts. Students may decide on any topic. Your essay is likely to change so much in the interim between your very first draft and last revision. College admissions essays demand a tremendous quantity of work. The 5-Minute Rule for Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved After that, attempt to read your essay from the point of view of a person who knows nothing about you. Now bear in mind, notallscholarships need an application essay, but plenty of them do. Reading and answering the prompt may appear a bit obvious, but it's frequently the obvious that individuals ignore. The college essay is a fundamental part of the application procedure and one of the most crucial pieces of writing your students could ever complete. Although it can look like you need to only discuss optimistic experiences and feelings in your college essay (you wish to impress your readers with how awesome you're!) One, we apply an extremely careful range of our writers. It's only normal to be anxious about hiring an on-line essay writer since you can not ever be sure whether you are employing the correct service or not. Rumors, Deception and Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved Once it is possible to make sure that all of the content you would like to put in your essay was written down, you can play around with structure, style, and voice a little. Our guide provides you with the rundown of the main differences between the Coalition and Common App. Your essay deserves effort and attention, but bear in mind that it's only a component of the total application approach. A superb essay is going to be focused on a crystal clear idea with supporting details. An admissions officer is considerably more likely to bear in mind an applicant who has quite a specific essay written in a special and quirky way. The essay is simply a single portion of the college application procedure. You may want to include an extra essay if you believe the college application forms do not offer sufficient chance to convey important information regarding yourself or your accomplishments. Ultimately, powerful essays play a crucial part in merit-based scholarship awards. The Nuiances of Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved There are a lot of ways to commence an essay, and a few are more common than others. You are going to want to avoid overusing precisely the same words, obviously. Answers ought to be 50-200 words. Barrett can't accept mp3 files. Colleges use essays to try to create a personal snapshot of you unobtainable from different parts of the applica tion. Begin a draft, work on the remaining portion of the program, and then return to the essay as many times as essential. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved A fantastic essay takes a terrific subject, and a wonderful topic is one which you truly need to write about. Sometimes you might not know that you've strayed off topic. Also, bear in mind that a topic does not need to be especially thrilling to be unique. Any topic you decide on is welcome. Each has their personal statement requirement. Ask yourself why the college is asking that question and precisely what admissions officers wish to see not regarding specific topics, but with regard to general trends and traits. The admissions officers want to find a reason to disregard candidates. On the flip side, obtaining a pristine essay substantially increases your odds of being selected. On the flip side, in case you made a very good choice, focus on what influenced you to m ake that decision and the way it has changed you. There's no correct or wrong answer, but attempt to choose a topic that's an important portion of your life today. There's no correct or wrong answer. The Characteristics of Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved It's very important to the reader to be in the accept mindset from the start of each essay. To begin with, it has to tell an intriguing story in which you are the principal character (the protagonist!) When you get a very clear sense of your essay's focus, you can start to outline. If almost all of your MIT essays concentrate on in-school accomplishments and activities, attempt to write a minumum of one essay about something different. Occasionally it's simplest to compose your introduction after you've written the remainder of your essay. If the prompts are similar enough, you might be in a position to reuse essays for at least 1 school. Now it's time to really compose the essay. The Unexposed Secret of Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved At precisely the same time, you're impress the college admissions folks greatly if you may present your capacity to learn from your failures and mistakes. Wonderful art evokes a feeling of wonder. After discovering our website, you will no longer will need to bother friends and family with these kinds of requests. Our customer support will gladly tell you whether there are any special offers at the present time, and make sure you are getting the very best service our business can deliver. Want to Know More Abou t Essay Prompt on How College Can Be Improved? Leaders can emerge in a variety of situations at any particular time, including outside the school experience. Colleges are seeking a feeling of maturity and introspectionpinpoint the transformation and demonstrate your private growth. Use transitions to attain that objective. The University of South Carolina provides you lots of freedom to pick your topic. At the moment, you're applying to Babson College. Colleges are full of students from all sorts of backgrounds and admissions officers want to understand that you will be accepting of the diversity of different students even if it's the case that you don't necessarily agree with them. They are more likely to admit students who can articulate specific reasons why the school is a good fit for them beyond its reputation or ranking on any list.

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How multi agencies work together Essay Example for Free

How multi agencies work together Essay There are many agencies that we work with to help with children and young peoples development. When we look at behavioural development, social interactions and speech development all these agencies link together. We use nursery transition days to help the child settle into their new environments and arrange intake visits and meetings with the school for a smoother transition. Social services is used if we have any concerns of a childs well being so then police and a designated social worker would also be involved. The health team are always on hand to help if any families need support with parenting or any development issues. They will then offer parents appropriate courses such as nurturing. At Playgroup we can point in the right direction of any help needed such as our family intervention officers who go into the family homes and will discuss any problems families may have. We run a language and play session which families are invited to where they can enjoy some one to one time with their child to do various activities that will enhance development and build parents confidence too. We have various teachers who can give us support too that work within flying start that can give advice on childrens development and help observe children if we feel there are any problems. Also we can offer one to one support to children if they need it as many of us have had relevant training through senco. We work with health visitors on a daily basis as they are in the same building as us. They give us all relevant information on new children due to start and if there are any concerns with children already with us. We would discuss any issues we have with any children to the designated health visitor of the child as they have all relevant information on that child. Sogs assessments are a good way to see if a child is lacking in any developmental stage and these are used to determine if any outside agencies are called in to discuss anything further. We have also worked closely with social services and have attested child protection conferences. These help us understand what is going on with the child in their home environment and will help us understand if there have been changes in the childs development at Playgroup too. We are able to keep all information confidential and it is only available to the relevant people involved. All staff are made aware of any children that are put on the child protection  list and all staff have their child protection training updated so we are aware of what we do if we are unsure of a childs well being.

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A Solar-Powered World Essay examples -- Environment, Energy Resources,

A Solar-powered World Since the beginning of the war against environmental contamination, it has been the job of engineers to come up with solutions to this problem. Waste management regulations, material recycling and recursion to renewable energy resources have been some of the many brilliant ideas engineers have emerged with to take control of the situation. Of these three, the use of renewable energy resources has meant to be the most complicated of the solutions to repair the damage done to nature. The generation of energy has always been of concern to humanity and so it demands to be studied rigorously. Here is when questions about solar radiation appear over the table of many scientists. With all of its mysteries and power, the sun has shown its potential to be a reliable source of renewable energy. The question is: how can engineers take advantage of the energy that comes from the sun? In order to wisely exploit solar energy, engineers must execute precise arrangements in solar energy systems. Primarily, engineers should be able to identify what kind of solar configuration is the best for harnessing solar energy. First, engineers must explore what advantages each solar energy system can provide. This step is crucial for understanding the potential of sunlight in the renewable energy world. Most researchers in the field of renewable energy name, at least, two fundamental types of solar energy system configurations: flat-plates and concentrators (Balat 981, Higgins 26 and Hepbasli et al. 556). In their works, these researchers describe each type of configuration as equally suitable to convert solar radiation; nevertheless, they encourage the use of flat-plates for photovoltaic conversions and concentrator for solar-the... ... the factors that shape the performance of such systems. For instance, engineers must pay close attention to the type solar energy system configuration as well as the type of material they choose for the task, so they will ensure maximum efficiency and satisfaction. Also, engineers must find reliable ways to store and manage the energy that has been already converted, without letting aside the new technologies and applications they could destine to that energy. Finally, engineers must come together to figure out how they could make solar energy systems a true adversary for fossil fuels, so they could free society of such damaging fuel. In summary, engineers have the capability of imposing solar energy systems as a reliable energy source or let it be forgotten. Either of both will be a reflect of how they manage the technology and on what they focus to handle it.

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Imperialism and Capitalism

Imperialism which is often considered to be a final stage of capitalism was a logical continuation of industrialization, development of trade and colonization. Global trade and goods exchange have united Europe, Africa, America and Asia into an integral organism. Imperial system as well as interaction between the major colonial super-powers guaranteed economical stability and peace. Colonies were perfect markets for the goods produced in metropolises and were used as emergency zones in cases of overproduction in order to prevent global or local economical crisis. Colonies were used as raw material donors of metropolitan industry. In order to prevent movement for political and economical independence, colonies were not allowed to have industrial objects as their economical activity was limited to farming and mining. On the hand with traditional colonial system which took place in France, Great Britain, Belgium which had huge possessions worldwide, American imperialism had introduced a new one without any formal colonial possessions. American imperialism was different from British and French as it penetrated into independent countries, making their single-sector economies be dependent upon the price policies set by American corporations. American imperialists used different methods in order to widen their spheres of influence in western hemisphere: bribery of corrupted officials, aiding political opposition of unwanted regimes and even open intervention by American troops which always ended with establishing of puppet governments. These methods were used on Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto-Rico. The effects of imperialism are quite different both for colonies and imperial metropolises: from one side goods exchange ensured economical stability, from the other side imperial ambitions of superpowers resulted WW1. Colonies experienced mostly negative impacts: industrial backwardness, dependence upon metropolises, poverty, social injustice and discrimination. Of course the appearance of imperialism as a new world order at the beginning of the twentieth century had provoked continuing discussions about its real impacts on civilization. Contemporaries either supported imperialism or sharply criticized it. Kipling, for example, insisted that imperialism was a logical continuation of civilization progress and it was vital in order western civilization to survive, as it prevented it from economical and social crisis, guaranteed goods exchange, development of trade and stability in western world. This concept is rather conservative as Kipling also supports the idea of racial and cultural superiority of western civilization and this factor is considered to be justification of colonial expansion in his theory. On the other hand such authors as Hobson consider imperialism to be one of the alternatives to economical development which has a global character and is resulted by concentration of wealth within one country. Hobson argues that in order world economy to develop, this wealth has to be distributed overseas as it will promote development of both economies: metropolitan and colonial. The growth of anti-imperialist movement was resulted by its destructive influence on colonial countries which appeared to be in total dependence from imperialist states. Anti-imperialist movement took place in India, China, and Latin America. In fact the accident which led to WW1 had also anti-imperialist background, as Serbian revolutionaries were afraid that Serbia will become a dependent territory of Austria-Hungary. The results of WW1 were contradictory for different countries. Four European empires: Germany, Austria Hungary, Russian and Ottoman Empire collapsed in 1918 when the war was over. Moreover, prolonged economical and social crisis caused by the 4 years of bloody war had resulted a series of revolutions and public unrest world wide, changing political orientation of many countries. Bolshevik revolution in Russia brought to power a small group of political radicals led by Vladimir Lenin, who started to build a new order in semi-feudal country according to Marxist ideas of equality, abolition of private property and establishment of proletariat dictatorship. Tsarist regime was substituted by a new radical ideology of communism which was alien to Russian peasants and middle class. The years of prolonged terror, artificial hunger, repressions had changed the country and had changed people†s mentality to the mentality of oppressed people who was living under dictator†s rule. A new Soviet nation was raised in the fear of capitalist world, in the fear of the possible threat from the side of international capitalism and in constant preparation for war. Actually the premises for future cold war originated in interwar period and foreign intervention against Soviet Russia in 1919-1921 had only deepened fear of Soviet people. Stalin, a new leader of Communist party had created his own doctrine of socialist state. Rapid industrialization and collectivization in agricultural sector had changed country†s economy, making it stable and more advanced. In fact, Communist Russia was the only country which experienced economical growth starting from middle 1920†³s and going all the way to 1941, whiles the world of capitalism was suffering from global economical crisis. Communism became a potential threat for capitalist world and the USSR had become an ideological enemy of the West. Stalin understood it quite well and was getting ready for a possible war. Industrialization and militarization of economy were essential in order to survive and provide security to the country. As the power of the Soviet Union grew, it became obvious that it would have territorial ambitions for the spread of communist ideology worldwide. Prosperity in major European countries and in the USA in early 1920†³s was contrasted by deep economical and social crisis in Germany and Italy. The conditions of Versailles treaty had imposed unbearable obligations on Germany as the government of Weimar republic had to pay huge reparations to victors of WW1. Besides, ruined infrastructure of Germany lacked mineral resources and industry as Germany lost the region of Saar, Alsace-Lorraine and several major seaports on the coast of the Baltic Sea together with several colonies in Africa and Asia. The country had no opportunity for development; new democratic government failed to rebuild country†s infrastructure, only irritating people and provoking social unrest. Humiliated nation wanted revenge and retreat. Liberties and democratic freedoms of Weimar constitution were not popular as the nation felt nostalgia about the time of iron order and international respect. Crisis of Weimar republic turned into growth of nationalism and chauvinistic ideas, supported by common people and former WW1 soldiers and officers who were left forgotten by government. This is the main explanation of fascism success in Germany. Crisis in Italy had many similar features to German one. Unemployment, poverty and social unrest in early 1920†³s had created a favorable climate for the rise of Benito Mussolini, the leader of a new party formed by WW1 soldiers and officers who were irritated by economical crisis. Mussolini†s populist ideas were close both to common people ans to upper classes as he promised social stability and order. Mussolini†s political program was successful in 1920†³s and in early 1930†³s as he stabilized economy, solved major social problems of poverty, unemployment and other social vices and returned self respect and pride to Italian nation. His government controlled media, regulated economy and social life of the country. But at the same time Mussolini revealed militaristic ambitions of fascist Italia- intervention and capture of Abyssinia is the best proof of it. War in Abyssinia was not the only conflict fought after the WW1. On the Far East, Militarist Japan started intervention against Manchuria in 1938. These conflicts have shown the weakness of League of Nation, organization which was created in order to preserve peace and prevent wars and local conflicts. Economical crisis on the hand with disintegration of the capitalist world and growing threat from ideological enemy of capitalism-the USSR demonstrate the complicated system international relations in inter-war period. The results of WW1 became obvious after the 20 year period: 2 totalitarian states (the USSR and Nazi Germany) which had colonial ambitions stood against disintegrated democratic world, which was to weak to resist aggression of these two superpowers. The inter war period in the world history is characterized by three different concepts of state development: communist, fascist and traditional democratic. Even though they are hostile, each was successful on a certain stage of development as it had taken ruined Russian empire, Germany and the USA out of economical crisis and had returned confidence and stability to their peoples. After Bolsheviks revolution in Russia, former empire was turned into a new state ruled by the Communist Party. Communist party of the USSR had made radical changes realizing Marxist ideas about revolution and dictatorship of proletariat: abolition of private property, nationalization and equality of all citizens. Understandably in a patriarchal agricultural country with underdeveloped industry and ruined economy any idea about a strong state of proletariat (working class) would fail, but not in Russia. Stalin, who became the head of the communist party in 1928, had his own plan how to reform economy: he proclaimed a course on rapid industrialization and collectivization of farming enterprises. In order to achieve development of industry he performed redistribution of property, expropriating agricultural products from peasants and making them work in kolkhozes (collective state owned farms). In fact he turned free farmers into state slaves who had no property and had to work on state farms in order to survive. This cruel and inhuman practice gave the opportunity to develop heavy industry; mining and it gave the opportunity to start militarization. These results were achieved by numerous victims of innocent people who suffered from repressions and great purges as Stalin†s regime eliminated anyone who had another opinion on the destiny of the country. The total number of Stalin†s victims exceeds 20 million people. So what were his achievements? In quite a short period (20 years) Russia was turned into an industrial state with developing industry and one of the strongest armies in Europe. Society had changed as it was developing according to a socialist model. State was the only power in the country, state was the only property owner. Citizens in majority were nearly equal; the difference between those who had the highest and the lowest income was not really distinct as in capitalist world. In fact, state provided a working citizen with essential facilities for living and guaranteed basic social and medial care. People got the facilities in order to work good enough but nothing else. The order in the country was realized by a total control of media, press and oppression of any potential opposition. Communism substituted religion as the official religion of communist state was atheism, communist party controlled all spheres of life, which led to the isolation of the country. Free market was substituted by barter within the country and market relations were substituted by planned economy.. From historical point of view, the politics of Stalin, even being brutal and inhuman, was justified by historical need, as in order to survive and not collapse, Soviet Russia had to become a super power with a strong army and developed industry from an out-dated, semi-feudal empire with ineffective state management and corrupted aristocratic government. The main weakness of Stalin†s Russia was that the only condition under which the country could stand and continue its development was the policy of terror and oppression of any potential threat in the face of political opposition. Such kind of regime, based only on suppression of human individualism, collectivism and isolation from the rest of the world would definitely fail if some liberties were allowed. So if to look on the history of the Soviet Union starting from Nikita Khrushchev we will see the gradual decline of totalitarian empire, which collapsed in 1991. Another example of totalitarian state of inter-war period is Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany led by Adolph Hitler embodied fascist ideas about a strong state with iron order. Hitler†s phenomenon was a direct result of Versailles Treaty consequences for after war Germany. Humiliated nation, which suffered the burden of huge reparations, deep economical; depression and social crisis caused by ineffective politics of democratic government of Weimar republic wanted the only thing retreat and revenge. So chauvinist and radical ideas of Nazis have succeeded. Germans saw a leader in Hitler, who promised return international respect and prosperity to the nation. Hitler†s political program was very simple and it satisfied Germans fully. Hitler promised descent work to workers and guaranteed protection of private property to businessmen. But his political program was also based on racial hatred, anti-Semitism, blind chauvinism and aggression. Nazis used nearly the same methods of oppression Stalin practiced during â€Å"great purges†, but they focused on ethnic non-German minorities, Communists and political opposition to Hitler†s national-Socialist Party. German economy during Hitler†s regime was also state regulated, as the owners of industrial objects had certain obligations: they had to provide decent wages to workers and had to fulfill industrial state orders. Hitler had changed economy, he made it military oriented preparing the nation for a war. Social life during Nazi regime was also subjected to total control, fascist government controlled media, eliminated political opposition, persecuted ethnic minorities, which turned into Holocaust and genocide during WW2. Hitler†s regime which had to solve racial and territorial question was inhuman and contradicted modern human consciousness. It had to be stop anyway by international coalition, otherwise the absurd and paranoia of one man would cause a world human tragedy. The methods of state regulation were also present during Roosevelt†s office even though he represented a free democratic country living under the laws of capitalism. Roosevelt†s New deal was a set of reforms and a set of measures taken in order to relief the affects of the Great depression. State regulation over prices, control over banks activity and other measures had strengthened economy, getting the country of crisis. Nevertheless, despite the terrible affects of economical crisis and Great depression the USA stood and recovered. Comparing social and economical situation in the USSR, the USA and Germany in inter-war period we may find several similar features in activities of their governments. All of them provided social programs for citizens in order to guarantee realization of basic human living needs: health care, education, social protection and basic welfare programs. All three political regimes used state control over economy, which never used before. But in comparison to the USA where it had a temporary character, Germany and the USSR used it as an integral method of state administration which guaranteed stability and security.