Thursday, June 11, 2020

Admission Essay on Invention the World Would Be Better Off Without

Curse of Nuclear Weapons The history of the mankind is definitely the history of development and inventions. Wheel, printing press, penicillin, the first car and the first plane, Internet created the modern world and shaped it in the way we know it. But are all these inventions good? To my mind, there are certain inventions the world would be better off without. One of them is the nuclear energy. Many people would argue, emphasizing the positive effects of nuclear power stations, which are much environmentally friendlier and much more powerful than thermal stations. Moreover, they claim that if all precautions are observed, they are really safe. And the nuclear weapons can even be used to sustain peace in the world, as everybody understands that it could simply destroy the planet. On the other hand, nuclear weapons are one of the most horrific practical applications of the human mind. Once created and tested on the city of Hiroshima, it proved to have a destruction force which cannot be compared to any other type of weapon on our planet. But not only is it very dangerous to use, but it is very difficult to utilize without any consequences, as the radioactive wastes must be stored somewhere and not a single country wants to build a special storage center. I strongly disagree with those who

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