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Select one of the locations of the assigned multinational corporation( Essay

Select one of the locations of the assigned multinational corporation( NOKIA) and discuss it in terms of the form of its interna - Essay Example The main aim of the company is to maintain the position in the world in spite of huge competition from both Google as well as Microsoft. They have a strong brand with which they may have great future plans. The company is offering excellent service and comprehensible software to the billions of customers along with operators in the world (Nokia, n.d.). The new strategies have been developed by the company which are related to the transformation of operational structure along with leadership in order to facilitate the company to accelerate in competitive environment. Their main strategies include developing a new wining ecosystem of mobile they have intended to make a strategic partnership along with Microsoft. They have developed the strategy to make investment in the disruptive technologies of subsequent generations. To make a good focus on result, accountability as well as speed, they build an effective organisational structure along with efficient leadership team (Nokia Connecting People, 2011). The company is concerned with developing, manufacturing as well as designing of communication devices. They offer internet service in order to facilitate various facilities such as video, music, and games to the users. The company operates in three reportable segments which include ‘Devices and Services’, ‘Nokia Siemens Networks’ and ‘NAVTEQ’. Devices and Services consist of Multimedia, Enterprise Solutions and Mobile Phones. Under NAVTEQ, it provides services and digital maps related information along with location based content (Docstoc, 2010). In 1985, Nokia first started its operation in Australia with a view to build the telecommunication network of the country. Nokia Mobile phones were first used by Australian customers in the year 1993. In 2000, Nokia Internet Communications began its operations with the purpose of providing products for internet security along with solutions for ventures. In Australia, the company has ga ined wonderful success with its developed brand and became the market leader with its mobile technology, network infrastructure as well as services and products of the enterprise. The company also achieved ‘National Best Employer’ of â€Å"Best Employer to Work for in Australia Awards† in 2002. The new technologies with its Future Lab facility are also developed in Sydney. The Future Lab is a mutual project between Nokia and Optus which has been designed in order to develop mobile technologies, applications and services and then delivery to the market. Besides these Nokia Australia participates enthusiastically in the community with a view of supporting numerous charities. They are also involved in participating in Land Care; as well as Coast Care initiatives in Australia (Nokia Connecting People, 2011). In Australia, Nokia Australia Pty Limited is recognised as a ‘foreign owned private company’. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Nokia Corporati ons. It’s headquarter is located in Pyrmont in New South Wales. Nokia Australia Pty Limited offers various products as well as services. The mobile devices which include phones along with accessories are sold and marketed to both domestic as well as

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