Friday, August 23, 2019

Should All College Courses Be Specifically Related to a Future Essay

Should All College Courses Be Specifically Related to a Future Occupation - Essay Example Most college students, therefore, have their outstanding aspiration of settling for their future careers after graduation as their core objective. It becomes indisputable that the number of citizens served by college graduates, in their areas of specialization, is high. The nature of the professions handled by graduates is that of a highly critical endeavor, sometimes involving health and international relations issues. The fact that many colleges prioritize future occupation of learners rather than enhancing students with extensive comprehension of other skills becomes worrying. The effect of this mode of education can spread to bring extensive implications, some negative and irreversible. Teaching in colleges should not only include training in future occupation but also other complementary life skills. Unless such complementary skills appear among college courses, the value of education gets to a compromising situation. There is no doubt the importance of college education in ensu ring a solution to life problems and challenges as climate change and economic crisis, among others, is great. In fact, there is a high demand for innovation that makes the quality of life better than it is, or even cheap to afford. All these are possible with intensive training, of college students, in their future occupation. ... Besides the knowledge of research, college students should learn other skills as oratory speech delivery, among other courses. A case in point would be a college student pursuing international relations or political science courses. If, for instance, the student lacks the knowledge of oratory speech delivery, it becomes a challenge. Others may argue that such skills, mentioned, form part of the lesson plans of their related courses. It is true they do. However, it is questionable how many graduates can apply the skills, exceptionally and in an outstanding way.  Ã‚  

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