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Sales management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Sales management - Essay Example This is because the manager desires or wants to recruit the right people, as it is their responsibility to increase sales where they can through supporting their goods and services2. Therefore, selecting and recruiting the right person in an organization has a significant number of benefits. In order to ensure this, the sales people should be in a position to define the culture of the organization, develop detailed description of the task, establish an employment conduct contract, as well as creating screening process. Thus, through an interview, which is one of the approaches employed by managers in selecting and recruiting sales people, the manager gets prospect to have adequate background information on the preferred candidate. Interviews are vital because it leads to benefits such as, it is less expensive, it is easy to carry out, it leads to reduced turnover, and may inhibit stealing or ferocity in an organization. According to studies, even the most competent applicants require training. Nevertheless, an effective recruitment and selection procedure moderates the quantity of time the manager will have to capitalize in the new worker3. On the contrary, by selecting a person who is fits greatly for the position except that he or she lacks some of the practical abilities to perform the task, it is vital for the manager to invest in their training. This is because it will lead top great or significant outcomes in the end. It is always easy to train a person in accomplishing precise works; it is much difficult to train soft skills such as reliability and flexibility. Therefore, the process of recruitment and selecting is quite essential for any organization because it helps in reducing time and resources spend on training the new worker. Recruitment and selection leads to job gratification4. This is especially achieved by the selection of the right sales people for the job because of their capability to work independently. In most cases, workers who are not se lf-inspired or self-organized drain the team, the management, as well as the organization as a whole. In addition, in case the selected individual does not fit the vacant position, may decide to quit, forcing the manager to start again the whole procedure of recruitment and selection. This therefore implies that selecting the right candidate for the job results into greater experience of job gratification and extreme levels of inspiration within an organization. Recruitment and selection of the sales people leads to prevention of problems within an organization. As it is the rule, section process enables the manager to make decision concerning the specific skills he is pursuing in a worker5. This makes it possible for the employer to focus the interviewing and selection procedure to individuals with those abilities or skills. Accordingly, the process of recruitment and selection enables the manager to view some of the strengths his or he present employees are lacking6. This will mak e the manager chose the right candidate for the position of the sales people, thus avoiding problems that may occur because of the wrong decisions. Furthermore, problems could be avoided by giving the current workers an opportunity to recommend individuals suitable for the position. According to statistics, worker recommendations are the most prevalent and

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