Thursday, September 19, 2019

PepsiCo managerial methods Essay examples -- GCSE Business Marketing C

PepsiCo managerial methods I chose to look at PepsiCo Inc.’s managerial methods. I analyzed the companies organizational mission, ethics management and internet strategy. PepsiCo is a company with many different segments. The one company includes Pepsi-Cola brands, Tropicana brands, and Frito-Lay brands. Each section of the company has about ten to fifteen different brands in it. The management strategies cover all of the segments of the company. PepsiCo Inc.’s mission statement is as follows: â€Å"PepsiCo's overall mission is to increase the value of our shareholder's investment. We do this through sales growth, cost controls and wise investment of resources. We believe our commercial success depends upon offering quality and value to our consumers and customers; providing products that are safe, wholesome, economically efficient and environmentally sound; and providing a fair return to our investors while adhering to the highest standards of integrity.† I think that this mission statement is good because it focuses not only the success of the product, but also the success of the companies investors (including shareholders, which shows the company wishes success for it’s consumers as well). It also clearly states how the company believes it can achieve its mission, through sales growth, cost controls, and wise investment. These are the three main jobs of the management to maintain PepsiCo’s success. I don’t think that anything about their mission statement needs to be changed. I think everything is very clearly stated and it is persuasive in the sense that by reading it, a person can feel like the company knows what is best for them and it’s consumers at the same time. PepsiCo has many different ethics management policies. The two main ethics the company focuses on are the environmental commitment, and the minority/women business enterprises. Because the company produces food and beverages, PepsiCo does not have major environmental problems like a heavy industry does. The companies largest challenge when it comes to the environment is packaging for the products. The company recycle, reuses and reduces packaging whenever possible. Each individual business within the company is responsible for resources required in manufacturing to reduce waste as much as possible. PepsiCo has a â€Å"Environmental Commitment†... ...e of the largest online-off-line promotions ever. I think that PepsiCo has the internet covered fairly well. It is very easy for consumers to find their sites and was an extra bonus for the consumers to get something back from the company. I also think that with the promotions that Pepsi has incorporate their website well. The latest contests with sodas have mostly all required the consumer to go online to see if they won or to look for contest details. I don’t think that it would be necessary for PepsiCo to add much to their internet strategy because they aren’t known as an internet company. They are all over television, radio and magazines, and I don’t really feel that internet marketing would add much to the already nationally known company. I think, from what I learned of PepsiCo, that they have good management techniques that don’t need much revision. It’s fairly obvious by just looking at the company that they have succeed with things the way they have been all along. PepsiCo is a strong company who I believe will be a success for a long time to come. Bibliography PepsiCo Inc. 2001 Minority/Women Business Development Frito-Lay 2001

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